Moshun - lullabies for your lonesome EP

Moshun is an up-and-coming keyboardist/producer from Chicago who has hit the ground running. In the last two years, she’s already released two EPs and a full-length album. Now she’s back once again with EP for quarantine and beyond, lullabies for your lonesome EP. The first thing that will become apparent listening to this EP is that Moshun is really bringing a laidback vibe to this project. After all, these are lullabies, aren’t they?

Oddisee - Odd Cure

It’s been three years since we last heard from PG County’s Oddisee, when he released his album, The Iceberg. Since that time, he’s become a father and took some time off, but now he’s ready to back to it, delivering his new album for the pandemic, Odd Cure. There are going to be all sorts of weird documents of the time we’re living through right now. Some will live on, and others will get swept under the rug.

Iamnobodi - Footprints

Iamnobodi is a producer from Berlin who has been releasing music since the early 2010s. Along with his excellent solo career, he’s also produced for a wide range of artists that spans from Little Simz to Nipsey Hussle. Most recently, he released a solo album in March called Memory of Enchantment. Now he’s back with another album, footprints. One of the things that hit me right away about footprints is just how well Iamnobodi is able to make music that fills your speakers up and sounds very modern, but still leaves room for a lot of intimacy and emotional impact.

Guillotine Crowns - The First Stand

Chicago artist Short Fuze and New York artist Uncommon Nasa have been collaborating off and on for about ten years, but now the’ve decided to officially become a duo, going by the name Guillotine Crowns. Before they release their first full-length album of original material, they present this compilation of their collabs over the years, The First Stand. The first thing that hit me in listening to this compilation is that it’s about time that these two officially record as a duo, because this doesn’t feel like a comp – it feels like an album.

Sault - Untitled (Black Is)

Most of the time, when you come across a new artist, they want you to all about themselves. Anything to pique your interest. When they don’t, most of the time its a sign that it’s a young independent artist who doesn’t have their stuff together. Every so often, though, you come across a group like SAULT, who are making some amazing music that is so intense and well-planned that you are only left to assume their anonymity is on purpose, leaving you to only discuss the music.

The Allergies - Say the Word

The Allergies are the Bristol production duo of DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat. The two bonded over their love of vintage records and breakbeats, and over the last decade, they’ve been making funky hip hop out of those samples and bringing people together over the love of a good groove. Their last full-length album came out two years ago, when they dropped Steal the Show. Now they are back for round four with Say the Word.

Disco Rigido - Elevation EP

Disco Rigido, Portuguese for “hard disc,” is the duo of producers Twit One and Lorenzo Merluzzo. The two met through their connection to the Cologne record store named Groove Attack, both having worked there, though not at the same time. They both share a love for experimental beat making, and both have been making music for years, albeit under different aliases such as Tito Wun and Karma. Now they are officially teaming up as Disco Rigido for Elevation EP.

Apollo Brown & Che' Noir - As God Intended

Detroit producer Apollo Brown has been going strong since the mid ‘00s, collaborating on albums with such artists as Guilty Simpson, Skyzoo, and Locksmith, just to name a couple, along with a steady solo career. He know teams up with a young talent out of Buffalo, Che’ Noir to make an album called As God Intended. Che’ Noir has only been putting out music for a couple of years, but she’s managed to turn a few heads along the way.

Miss Eaves - How It Is

Miss Eaves is the Brooklyn artist who burst onto the scene back in 2017, when she released her album Feminasty, with the single, “Thunder Thighs.” Since that time, we’ve gotten a few single and EPs, including MEAF and Sad, which came out in April of last year. Now she’s back with four new anthems for your summer on How It Is. How It Is is exactly what you want out of a Miss Eaves EP right now.

Mister & ialive - Sounds of Pets

Mister is an emcee from Detroit and one half of the group Passalacqua. A little over a year ago, we got his excellent album with producer Curt Cataract, Approaching Land. Just last fall, we got a collection of unreleased material, Relish. Now he’s back with a collaborative EP with Philly’s ialive, Sounds of Pets. Sounds of Pets is short, with three songs coming in under seven minutes, but this isn’t the throw away place holder it might look like on paper.