Sault - 11/AIIR/Earth/Today & Tomorrow/Untitled (God)

Sault is a musical collective from the UK who have allowed very little information to seep out about their identity, but we do know that producer Inflo is one of the voices behind the project, and on past projects they’ve collaborated with artists such as Little Simz, Michael Kiwanuka, Cleo Sol, and Kadeem Clarke. They came to prominence worldwide in 2020, with the release of two albums, Untitled (Rise) and Untitled (Black Is), which captured everyone’s imaginations as they beautifully combined hip hop, R&B, gospel, soul, funk, and beyond as they sung these politically charged songs that addressed a lot of issues surrounding race, class, globalism, capitalism, and more.

Von Pea & Æon - Duly Noted 2

Von Pea is a New York artist best known as one-half of the duo Tanya Morgan, although he’s been working as a solo artist for quite some time as well. Back in 2013, he teamed up with producer Æon to make an EP called Duly Noted. Now, after all this time, things have finally lined back up for them to reunite and make another EP, Duly Noted 2. Duly Noted 2 is great because it’s exactly what you want it to be, which is a fun collection of East Coast hip hop from a couple of veteran artists with great chemistry.

Sankofa - Never Easy

There are artists who have been busy in 2022, and then there is Sankofa. The Fort Wayne emcee has been churning out the projects this year, already dropping The Sonny Vaccaro Years, The Beat Shall Inherit the Verse, Harikuma’s Revenge, BLKTCHP 2, KofaSoCalfragilistic, and Legacy Materials. For most artists, this discography would stretch over a couple of years. Or, if they released this many projects in a year, you’d probably notice a drop off in quality and wish that they’d left some of it in the vault.

Dope KNife - The Dope One

Dope KNife is an emcee/producer from Savannah who first came up as part of the Dope Sandwich crew/label in the early to mid 2000s. He’s been doing the solo thing for a while, but he’s really been hitting his stride in the last five years or so, with projects on Strange Famous, Fake Four, and Brick. His most recent project came in 2020, when he teamed up with Factor Chandelier to release an EP called Kill Factory.

Bad Colours - Always With U

Bad Colours is an artist born in London, raised in Baltimore, and based in Brooklyn. While he had been deejaying and producing for other artists for quite some time, he only released his first album, Pink, just last year. Not wasting any time, he’s now right back with his sophomore album, Always With U. A couple of things become clear very quickly upon listening to Always With U. One is that Bad Colours knows how to throw down on some disco/house beats with smooth bass lines and pulsing rhythms that will get your feet in motion.

Priest Da Nomad - Receipts

Priest Da Nomad is an artist from the DMV that has been doing this hip hop thing since the ‘90s. Over the years, he’s worked with everyone in the scene, from Asheru to Seez Mics to Oddisee, just to name a few. His most recent album, Out Da House, came out just last year. Now he’s back with a new album, Receipts. Sometimes, when you’re dealing with a veteran artist like Priest Da Nomad, you don’t need them to reinvent the wheel with a new album.

Reginald Chapman & Pressure Fit - East Williamsburg Sessions

Reginald Chapman is a trombonist/producer/composer based in Brooklyn. Over the years, he’s played with groups like NO BS Brass Band, Megafaun, Foxygen, and Butcher Brown. He made his debut as a solo artist in 2018, when he released the album Prototype on Fresh Selects. In 2020, the album got the deluxe remix treatment, a double album full of remixes from Stro Elliot, Drew Dave, HOT16, DJ Harrison, and others. Now Chapman has taken those remixes and a few new compositions and arranged them for his band, Pressure Fit, for a project called East Williamsburg Sessions.

Psalm One - Her Word Is Bond: Navigating Hip Hop and Relationships in a Culture of Misogyny

Cristalle Bowen, aka Psalm One, aka Hologram Kizzie, has been at this rap thing for about twenty years now. She’s seen a lot of ups and downs in that time period, and she’s still going strong in 2022. Her latest album, Bigg Perrm, came out just this September, and it might be her best yet. With everything she’s accomplished and all she’s seen, she’s still adding new things to her resume.

Ezra Collective - Where I'm Meant To Be

Ezra Collective is a London-based group featuring Dylan Jones on trumpet, Femi Koleoso on drums, TJ Koleoso on bass, James Mollison on sax, and Joe Armon-Jones on keyboards. After putting out an EP and working on a few one-off collaborations, the group finally released their debut album in 2019 with You Can’t Steal My Joy. Now, after three years where the musicians worked on all sorts of different projects, they have come back together stronger than ever to release their sophomore album, Where I’m Meant To Be.

DJ Sun - Loveletter

DJ Sun is an artist from Houston who has been releasing music for about the last fifteen years. In that time, he’s worked with everyone from Free Radicals to Khruangbin. While he’s been keeping busy with other projects, it’s actually been nine years since his last full-length album, One Hundred. That all changes now with the release of his new project, Loveletter. It doesn’t take long into listening to Loveletter to catch the vibe and see what this album is all about.