WheelUp - We Are the Magic

WheelUp is DJ Danny Wheeler, one of the newest voices in London to emerge as part of a broken beat revival. He released his first album, Good Love, in 2021. Now he is back with his sophomore effort on Tru Thoughts, We Are The Magic. We Are The Magic is a greatly enjoyable and accesible album that builds upon the foundation of Good Love. Over the course of eleven tracks, WheelUp is navigating a danceable style of music that is drawing upon jazz, soul, hip hop, funk, dub, house, and more, mixing it all into this smooth and warm style of music that just draws you in.

Klassy - Good Seeds

Klassy is an emcee from Los Angeles who has been around for a minute, but she didn’t officially make her solo Beatrock debut until 2019, when she dropped her EP, Dirty Cortez. Now, after dropping a collection of older material, The Ashtray Sessions (Circa 2012), just last month, she comes back to drop her full-length album, Good Seeds. You don’t want to overthink things, especially when it comes to a debut album like Good Seeds.

YUNGMORPHEUS - From Whence It Came

YUNGMORPHEUS is an artist from Los Angeles who started releasing music in the mid-2010s. Since that time, he has been very prolific and has shown a love of collaboration, releasing projects with the likes of Pink Siifu, Fumitake Tamura, and Eyedress, just to name a few. His most recent solo project came just last November, when he released the EP Burnished Sums. Now he is back with a full-length album, From Whence It Came.

Izo FitzRoy - A Good Woman

Izo Fitzroy is an artist from London who has been releasing music since the mid-2010s, with her first album, Skyline, coming out on Jalapeno Records in 2017. Since that time, in addition to her solo career, she’s been a sought after featured vocalist, working with people like Smoove & Turrell and Kraak & Smaak and Qwestlife. Her most recent album came in 2019, when she released How the Mighty Fall. Now she is back with her new full-length album, A Good Woman.

Harrison - Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees

Harrison is an artist from Toronto who has been releasing music for over a decade now. In that time, he has worked with artists like Ryan Hemsworth, iaamSaam, and Talvi. His last album, Apricity, came out in 2018, but over the last year or so he’s been teasing us with new singles. Now the wait is finally over with the release of his latest full-length album, Birds, Bees, The Clouds & The Trees.

Lonnie Liston Smith, Adrian Younge, & Ali Shaheed Muhammad JID017

Jazz is Dead is an imprint launched by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad at the beginning of 2020, with the mission of bringing older jazz musicians into the studio to write and record new original material. Since that launch, we’ve gotten albums from Roy Ayers, Brian Jackson, and Jean Carne, just to name a few. Most recently, just in January, we got an album from Wendell Harrison and Phil Ranelin.

Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Live at Panama 66

The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble are a soul/funk outfit from San Diego who have been going strong for about a decade now. They have released four studio LPs to date, with the latest, Step Down, coming out just one year ago. Now they are switching things up and releasing a live album, Live at Panama 66. Live at Panama 66 was recorded on Mother’s Day of 2019 at Panama 66, in Balboa Park, San Diego.

Waxfed - Waxfed

Waxfed is the duo consisting of DJ Mayonnaise and Mat Young (aka DJ RPM). DJ Mayonnaise is one of the unheralded early members of anitcon., but those that put in the time with Deep Puddle Dynamics and 55 Stories know. After a period of dormancy, he re-emerged in 2007 to release the album Still Alive, only to go relatively quiet for an even longer period. Now he’s back, though, with a new project alongside Young, Waxfed, who now drop their self-titled debut.


BADWOLFF is the Chicago duo consisting of Casagrown and Spiderface. They started putting out music under this name ten years ago, with the release of their self-titled EP. They have been periodically returning to this project over the years, with their last album, West of Western, coming out in 2020. Now they are back, this time joining forces with producer Solomon Grunge to release an album called EXTRASAUCE. Solomon Grunge is a veteran producer of the Chicago hip hop scene, and as it will quickly become apparent, the perfect person to work on this project with BADWOLFF.

Dub Sonata - Nights in Cuba Revisited

Dub Sonata is a producer from the Bronx who got started back in the late ‘00s. In addition to his own releases, he has produced for the likes of One Be Lo, Guilty Simpson, and Sadat X. Back in 2010, Dub Sonata had a breakthrough when he self-released a project called Nights in Cuba, an instrumental album based on samples of records he found on a trip to the island. In 2022, he went back to Cuba to reconnect with the people he met and rediscover the music and the culture.