Pressure Fit, Darius Christian - Wake and Tape

Reginald Chapman is a trombonist/composer/producer who has been releasing music for about the last fifteen years or so, playing with groups like No BS! Brass Band, Megafaun, and Foxygen, just to name a few. He released his first solo album, No Prototype, in 2018. Around this same time, he was developing an alias called Pressure Fit that would allow him to explore the worlds of electronic and hip hop music as a producer.

Small Professor - the seven sins (still haunt me at night) [v.7]

Small Professor is a producer from Philly who has been releasing music for over a decade. He’s collaborated with everyone from Curly Castro to Guilty Simpson, and he’s been part of groups like Them That Do. Last year, we got familiar with a lot of his solo work through his series of A Jawn Supreme releases. Now he’s come back with a new project with a different angle, the seven sins (still haunt me at night) [v.

Ol' Burger Beats - Monologue

Norwegian producer Ol’ Burger Beats has been releasing music since 2014. Just this past February, he released an album with South African/Norwegian emcee Vuyo called Dialogue. Now that he’s back with the instrumental version of the album, it’s only right that he calls this release Monologue. For a while, it was almost standard procedure to release an instrumental version of a hip hop album shortly after the vocal album was released.

Georgia Anne Muldrow - VWETO III

Georgia Anne Muldrow has been a mainstay in the indie hip hop world since the mid-2000s, releasing albums on labels such as Stones Throw, Ubiquity, Mello Music Group, and Brainfeeder, along with her own Someotha Ship Connect. Last year, she returned to her alias, Jyoti, to drop the beautiful Mama, You Can Bet! Now she’s returning to another recurring part of her catalogue as she drops her latest instrumental project, VWETO III.

Marc Rapson - Dark vs Light - The Complete Edition

Marc Rapson is a pianist/producer from Hertfordshire, England who has been releasing music for about the last fifteen years or so. While he doesn’t have an extensive solo discography, he has produced and played with artists such as Nuala, Replife, Deborah Jordan, and Georgie Sweet, just to name a few. Back in 2010, however, he released a full-length solo album called Dark Vs. Light. Now, as Futuristica Music celebrates their fifteenth anniversary, they’ve gone back and re-released the album, now expanded with additional tracks from the original recording sessions, which they are calling Dark Vs.

oldchildren - Push Start

Oldchildren is a new group with some familiar faces in the London scene, with producer King Kashmere teaming up with emcees Booda French and HPBLK. They now present their debut album to the world, Push Start. Listening to Push Start, it doesn’t take long to realize what brought these three together. King Kashmere is laying down these gorgeous downtempo boom bap beats that are just left of center, and Booda French and HPBLK are taking turns going to town on the mic, coming at you from every angle as they rhyme in the abstract about philosophy and politics, to some good old fashioned shit talking.

Faraji Heritage Experiment - Mwili

French label Cascade Records has been bringing us some of the best instrumental hip hop and electronic music for years. Most of the releases are from artists that are from Europe, but Cascade does work with artists from all around the globe. For their latest release, they’ve traveled to Morocco to work with producer Hussein Ibn Faraji, who is working under a new name, Faraji Heritage Experiment. He makes his label debut with an EP called Mwili.

vHiktor freeze - settle in

vHiktor freeze is a new alias from a familiar face, that of North Carolina artist Mikal kHill. He created this alias as an instrumental project to experiment with some new styles, and the first project, an EP called settle in, is now here. When kHill first announced this alias, my first reaction was, “But why? You’ve been producing and messing with different genres this whole time – why does this project need a different name?


El Gran E is a pretty young record label out of the DFW area, but they are already dipping their toes into some interesting projects. Just a month after releasing Perseph One’s Zenith, they are now putting out a collaborative project between a French group from Toulouse called 10 and some American artists, HOODIE ON | DE CEUX. For this project, we get a new twist on a traditional split EP, all done across the globe while under quarantine.

Nickelman - Mangoes

Nickelman is a producer from Osaka who made his debut on the Canadian label URBNET back in 2019, when he released his debut LP, Elements. He followed that up with another LP, Butterwax, in 2020. Now he keeps up his steady pace with his latest full-length album, Mangoes. If you spent the time with Nickelman’s previous work, you know that he is all about the record-digging, sample-flipping culture, and that absolutely continues here on Mangoes.