Busfoot is a producer from Kansas City who has been releasing music for about the last five years. In that time, he’s made an album with Bay Area emcee Paavo, and he’s also released a handful of beat tapes. Now he steps out with his first full-length solo album, FOOT FED ISH.

Producer solo albums can be a tricky endeavor, especially when we’re talking about a debut album. For Busfoot, he played it smart by not overthinking things, and just doing what he does best as a producer. By and large, what Busfoot does best is crafting these left field boom bap beats, the type that are just weird enough to keep your ears perked, but also banging enough to get your neck snapping as you’re listening along. He’s also keeping his love of collaboration alive by working with a handful of emcees, such as Sankofa, Quintessential, Hugo Monster, Paavo, and Vertigo, along with a few beat collabs with producers Burnt Bakarak and wij. It’s enough to shake things up and celebrate the indie hip hop community, while also not bogging the album down or allowing a bad verse or two ruin the whole thing. Most of all, though, this album celebrates what a fun and creative producer Busfoot is, and how he’s really put in the work to craft all of these beats that feel familiar yet always manage to surprise at the same time. There’s just always an unexpected element or switchup that keeps you on your toes, but it always works in the context of the song.

FOOT FED ISH is an excellent step forward for Busfoot. It’s creative, fun, and really showcases both his own personal ability as a producer and how well he works with others and celebrates the idea of building creative communities.