Jovan Landry is an interdisciplinary artist from Chicago who started releasing music about a decade ago. While we’ve gotten some singles here and there over the past couple of years, Landry’s last EP came in 2020, when she released World Vibe. Now she’s back with a new EP, Intellectual Frequencies.

For the project, Landry is handling all the production duties as well as rhyming. Across the six songs on the EP, Landry is laying down a nice variety of beats, from some dark and gritty modern hip hop to some dance-influenced production to some sweeter R&B vibes. Landry is also making sure to sequence the project so that the flow across these different songs takes on just the right emotional and sonic journey, and that you can feel the connection from song to song. On the mic, Landry is hitting you with just the right amount of skill, confidence, vulnerability, and playfulness. There is room to talk some shit, to be open about some personal experiences, and to just go wild and have some fun. To do all of this, Landry is also calling in a few friends to make this more of a family affair, with D2G, Chris Fields, AbStract JazZ, and J Nolan all joining in on the fun. It all comes together to make an EP that has enough variety and hits all these different notes while still remaining a lot of fun to listen to. It hits hard, and it’ll make you dance and think and get in your feelings.

Intellectual Frequencies is a nice return to form for Jovan Landry. It had been a minute since we had something more than a single from her, and she did not disappoint when she finally dropped a new EP. It’s a short project, but there’s a lot packed into that space.