Ryan Kopperud - Before What Came After

Ryan Kopperud, fka Homeless, is an artist from the Twin Cities who has been releasing music for the last ten years. After a five year hiatus, Kopperud released a couple of songs in 2020 and 2021, hinting that something bigger might be on the horizon. Now we finally get a new EP from him, Before What Came After. For this project, enlisted the help of Minneapolis producer Tru, best known for his work with Vision the Kid.

Oddisee - To What End

Oddisee is an artist from the D.C. area, but he’s been based in Brooklyn for a minute. We are also about fifteen years into a career that has seen a really compelling catalogue take shape with a lot of different looks over the years. Most recently, we got a quarantine album from him in 2020 called Odd Cure. Now he’s back with a more traditional album, To What End. For this project, Oddisee is once again rapping and producing the whole thing, but he’s getting some additional assistance from some live musicians, with Ralph Real on keys, Dennis Turner on bass, Olivier St.

Batsauce - Dispatches From Da Nang

Batsauce is a producer originally from Jacksonville, and over the years he has worked with artists like Qwazaar, Hellsent, and Dillon. He’s also been a bit of a global citizen, mostly setting up shop in Berlin, but he’s spent significant time elsewhere, including in Vietnam. When Batsauce travels, he always makes it a point to bring equipment to make music with him. While in Da Nang, he found himself running out of vinyl to sample from, but instead of stopping, he challenged himself to go the route of playing instruments and routing them through his sampler, trying to capture the feeling of Vietnam in the process.

Juan Cosby, Wonky Tonk & Farout - ALPENGLOW

Juan Cosby is a producer from Cincinnati who had a busy 2022, releasing a soundtrack to a movie, All Your Friends are Dead, a tribute project for Nobuo Uematsu, and an album as part of the group Counterfeit Money Machine. Now that 2023 is here, he’s showing no signs of slowing down, as he’s already back with a unique project with Farout and Wonky Tonk, ALPENGLOW. Wonky Tonk is a singer-songwriter from Covington, Kentucky, and Farout is an emcee from St.

AWOL One - Scribbleface

AWOL One is a staple of the Los Angeles underground hip hop scene whose career spans over two decades and includes groups like Shape Shifters and The Cloaks. In fact, it was just about one year ago that we got the latest Cloaks album, A Cloakwork Orange. Now AWOL One is back with a new solo album, Scribbleface. Like many of AWOL One’s solo projects, he’s rhyming and producing it himself on Scribbleface.

Masai Bey & B.M.S. - C87 (15th Anniversary Edition)

If you were around during the second half of the 2000s, you know that the music industry was in a weird flux, and the traditional methods of getting independent music to the people didn’t work as well as it used to, and the newer methods weren firmly established yet. As a result, a lot of indie releases got lost in the ether. The people at Uncommon Records are definitely aware of this, which is way they’ve recently been going back through their early catalogue and giving a few of these albums the re-release treatment, because they didn’t get the love they deserved at the time.

Day Tripper - What a Time to be DEAD

Day Tripper is an artist from Atlanta, formerly of the group Clan Destined and currently of The Difference Machine, all while maintaining a solo career as well. Just this past June, The Difference Machine released their excellent album, Unmasking the Spirit Fakers. Now Day Tripper has returned with a new solo project, What a Time to be DEAD. It’s funny how when an artist wears different hats, you might not think of them in a certain way based on your exposure to them.

Declaime & Madlib - In the Beginning (Vol. 3)

Back in the early to mid-‘90s, Oxnard, California wasn’t on a lot of peoples radar. That was about to change though, as a fresh wave of hip hop talent was about to level up and drop some incredible records. Two of the biggest names of that era are the emcee known as Declaime, aka Dudley Perkins, and the legendary producer known as Madlib. Before either of them took off, they often recorded together.

Memphis Reigns & D-Mitch - Kasan

Memphis Reigns is an emcee from the Bay Area who has been making music for years, and he’s coming off of a particularly prolific 2022. Last year, we saw him release Tokyo Time Machine with Shamon Cassette and Remshot, Reign Clouds with QM, Harikuma’s Revenge with Sankofa, Gumiho, and Track Record with Kid Forever. Not wasting any time getting back to it, he’s kicking off 2023 with another collaborative project, Kasan, made with producer D-Mitch.

Skyzoo & The Other Guys - The Mind of a Saint

Skyzoo is an emcee from Brooklyn who started releasing music in the mid-2000s. His first big break came when he teamed up with 9th Wonder to release the album Cloud 9: The Three Day High. Over the years, he’s gone on to work with everyone from !llmind to Apollo Brown to Pete Rock. His most recent project came in 2021, when he release All the Brilliant Things. Now he’s teamed up with D.