Blackliq x Mopes - Time Is the Price

Blackliq is an emcee from Richmond, Virginia who has been really prolific over the last couple of years. Most recently, he made an appearance on the song “Party McFly,” alongside Sage Francis and Jesse the Tree, which came from the new self-titled EP from Mopes, fka Prolyphic. Now he is right back with his own project produced by Mopes, Time is the Price. Music as therapy is an idea that is revisited time and again, but nowhere is this idea more direct than on Time is the Price.

More or Les - Post Human EP

More or Les is a Toronto emcee/producer who is part of the humongous Canadian hip hop collective known as Backburner. As a solo artist, he’s been releasing music for nearly two decades, with his latest album, The Human Condition, coming out about a year ago. Now he’s back with a new EP, Post Human. This EP is called Post Human because many of the songs on the project were ones that were cut from The Human Condition, or they are tracks that are on theme but didn’t come to Les until months later.

Curly Castro - Little Robert Hutton

Philly emcee Curly Castro has been keeping himself busy in recent years, working as part of groups like Shrapknel with PremRock, Bluu Edwards with Small Professor, or making guest appearances on Armand Hammer albums. His last proper solo album came out three years ago, when he dropped Tosh. Now he’s back with a brand new full-length, Little Robert Hutton. The name of this album comes from Bobby Hutton, a Black Panther who was killed by the Oakland Police during a confrontation lead by Eldridge Cleaver in April of 1968.

The Allergies - Promised Land

The Allergies are a production duo from Brighton, UK who have been releasing music for nearly a decade now. Their last album, Say the Word, came out in summer of 2020. Now they are back with their first album made completely under quarantine, Promised Land. The nice thing about the way that The Allergies work is that they produce at a consistent enough pace with these big, full albums, that they are able to keep everyone happy with their consistent devotion to funky break beats and party music while also giving themselves enough room on each album to experiment a little and expand on their sound.

Shad - TAO

Shad is an emcee from London, Ontario who is more than fifteen years deep into his career. We last heard from him in 2018 when he dropped the ambitious concept album, A Short Story About War. He’s now back with a new full-length album, TAO. Shad named this album TAO because of the literal Chinese translation of “the way,” as in the way of living that conforms to the truths of a moral universe, but also because of the CS Lewis book, The Abolition Of, meaning that we risk the abolition of ourselves if we lose touch of these aspects of our humanity.

Illsammar - Missed Calls

Illsamar is a SoCal emcee who has been releasing music for the last four years, quickly earning the respect of underground legends such as 2Mex. Her latest release came in April of 2020, when she dropped her EP Foreigners. Now she’s back with a new project, Missed Calls. While some of her past projects have been somewhat outwardly focused as she explored issues of race, heritage, identity, and borders, Missed Calls is a decidedly inwardly focused project.

Solemn Brigham - South Sinner Street

Solemn Brigham is an emcee who came onto the scene in 2018 as one half of the duo Marlowe alongside producer L’Orange. After releasing their second album together last year, it was time for Brigham to take the next step and release a solo album. Now that album is here in the form of South Sinner Street. Solemn Brigham grew up in the small town of Abermarle, North Carolina, about an hour east of Charlotte.

Rich Jones & Killer Kane - Blue Beach

Rich Jones is an emcee/vocalist from Chicago who has been putting out music since the early 2010s. Just about a year ago, he gave us the excellent album done with Montana Macks, How Do You Sleep at Night? Since that time, we’ve gotten a couple of singles, but now we get a new EP with producer Killer Kane, Blue Beach. The story behind Blue Beach is that after quarantining in place for over a year, Rich Jones went to stay with his partner’s family on the East Coast for a month.

Kari Faux - Lowkey Superstar (Deluxe)

Kari Faux is an emcee/producer from Little Rock who has been releasing music since 2012. Over the years, she’s appeared on tracks by everyone from Childish Gambino to Chloe x Halle to Open Mike Eagle. Last year, she released a mixtape called Lowkey Superstar. Now signed to Don Giovanni, she has gone back and expanded and polished this project into a new album, Lowkey Superstar (Deluxe). Kari Faux is a hard artist to pin down in a lot of ways, but the one thing you can be sure of is that she is sure of herself.

Eternia & Rel McCoy - Free

Eternia is a Toronto emcee who released her first album in 2005, but she had been rapping much longer than that. She released her last full-length album in 2010, At Last, done in collaboration with producer Moss. Since that time, her career has had its ups and downs, but she’s made appearances over the years on other albums, such as Shad’s Flying Colours and A Short Story About War, Apollo Brown’s Grandeur, and Rel McCoy’s A Different Crown.