Black Taffy - Six Arrows for Naydra

Black Taffy is a composer/producer from Dallas who started releasing music in the mid-2010s. In 2019, he made his debut on Leaving Records with the release of Elder Mantis. His most recent album came in May of 2020, when he dropped Opal Wand. Now he’s returned with a new EP, Six Arrows for Naydra. As Black Taffy went into lockdown in 2020, he had never played Zelda before. After three or four months of living by himself with his cat and being uncertain when he’d make contact with another human again, he dove into Breath of the Wild as a form of escape.

Nu Vintage - Vibrations in Color

Nu Vintage is producer from the Bay Area who has been releasing music for over a decade. In that time, he’s had releases on labels like Inner Ocean and Dezi-Belle. His most recent release came just about a year ago, when he dropped a beat tape called Dream Lounge, Vol. 1. Now he has joined up with Cold Busted to release his latest album, Vibrations in Color. When you first press play on Vibrations in Color, you might think you have this release figured out from the jump.

Show You Suck - Comfy, Cool, Queer, Serving.

Show You Suck is a Chicago artist who has been putting out music for over a decade, both as a solo artist and as part of the group Air Credits alongside Hood Internet. His most recent solo release came earlier this year, with the release of the EP, Relax Bro. Now he is right back with another EP, Comfy, Cool, Queer, Serving. There are all sorts of ways in which the Internet has been bad for music, but one way in which it has been great is that there is now we have platforms for experimental self-produced EPs like Comfy, Cool, Queer, Serving.

Oh No - Good Vibes/Bad Vibes

Oh No is a producer from Oxnard, California who has been releasing music for over twenty years, giving us all sorts of different projects in the process, working with artists like Prince Po, Percee P, Declaime, LMNO, and Moka Only along the way. Back in February of this year, Oh No gave us a sneak peak at his new project with Good Vibes. Now he’s back to give us the full picture of his breakdown and reconstruction of Roy Ayers’ catalogue with Good Vibes/Bad Vibes.

K.Raydio - Metamorphosis

K.Raydio is an artist who had been based in Minneapolis for most of her career before relocating to Chicago recently. That career spans over a decade now, with some amazing collaborative projects with producers like O-D, Psymun, and Shrimpnose. About four years ago, though, K.Raydio started producing her own beats, marking a new phase in her career. Just last year, we got the last of her beat tape series before she dropped a couple of singles and B-sides, hinting at more around the corner.

Kid Abstrakt & Leo Low Pass - Still Dreaming

Kid Abstrakt is a Los Angeles artist who initially got his start as part of the group Revolutionary Rhythm over a decade ago, but he struck out as a solo artist with the release of his first album, Daydreaming, in 2017. He took a big step forward in 2020 when he teamed up with Polish producer Emapea to release the album Jazzy Vibes. His most recent release came last year when he gave the EP Higher Vibration.

Homage CVG - End of Eternity

Homage CVG is a producer from Cincinnati and one of the founders of Fort Ancient Records. He’s been releasing music since the mid-2010s, and he’s given us a lot of solo and collaborative projects in that time. His most recent solo release came in 2021, when he gave us his instrumental album, Sweet. Now he is back with a new project, End of Eternity. There are a lot of mediocre instrumental hip hop projects out there these days - they aren’t bad, but they aren’t very memorable.

Big Cats - The Race to Alaska (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Big Cats is a producer from Minneapolis who has been releasing music for about fifteen years now. In that time, he has worked with artists like Chance York, Guante, Lydia Liza, and Ryan Kopperud, just to name a few. He’s also maintained a steady solo career full of interesting instrumental albums as well, with his most recent project, A Movie About the End of the World, Set in 1990s Las Vegas, coming out in 2021.

Lucy Camp - S'Mores Vol. 1

Lucy Camp is an artist from San Jose who started releasing music in the mid-2010s. Her most recent project was released in 2021, when she gave us Nights [EP]. What people didn’t know, unless they subscribed to her Patreon, is that all of last year she was releasing singles that were eventually going to be compiled onto her next album. Now that album is finally here for all to listen, S’Mores Vol.

kœnig - 1 Above Minus Underground

kœnig is an artist from Vienna who started releasing music in the mid-2010s. Up until now, his projects have been mostly self-contained, with the exception of a couple of guests here and there, such as on his last album, Messing, which had features from Elvin Brandhi, Sensational, and Coco Bechamel. Now he has returned with a very different project, 1 Above Minus Underground. 1 Above Minus Underground is a different project in a few ways, but of course the most obvious is that this album is all about collaboration with kœnig.