Teeth Agency - Cherry Blossom Child

Teeth Agency is the collaboration between London producer Jesse Hackett and Chicago artist Mariano Chavez. The experimental duo made their debut on Stones Throw with 2020’s Piano Man Breeds Love, and then followed that up with You Don’t Have To Live in Pain, which came out in March of this year. Now they are switching gears slightly for their latest album, Cherry Blossom Child. On Cherry Blossom Child, the music was recorded by in 2019 when Hackett took a trip to Portugal with his daughter, Wonder.

Career Crooks - Never at Peace

Career Crooks is the pairing of Philly and Wrecking Crew members Zilla Rocca and Small Professor. While they had been friends and collaborators for years, they didn’t officially make their debut as a duo until 2017, when they released their first LP, Good Luck With That. While they have both kept busy with a myriad of different projects since that time, they have now come back together to release their sophomore album, Never at Peace.

Skipp Whitman & ANIMALMILK! - 8K

Skipp Whitman is an emcee originally from Brookline, but he’s been based in Los Angeles for a couple of years now. He’s been releasing music for about fifteen years, with his most recent album, Struggle Raps, made with producer ANIMALMILK!, coming out in December of 2020. He’s now back for another round with ANIMALMILK!, now releasing 8K. If Struggle Raps is the album with ANIMALMILK!, 8K feels like the companion mixtape.

Bag of Tricks Cat - Milk and Vodka

Bag of Tricks Cat is an emcee from Phoenix who has been releasing music for about a decade now, best known for his collaborative albums with Mega Ran and his solo album, Felix Shevrolet. Just this past July he gave us The Bad Luck EP. Now he has returned with a year-end EP, Milk and Vodka. The title of this EP comes from the collaboration between Cat and Los Angeles producer Vodka Gravas.

SkyBlew x Navo the Maestro - Keys of Light

Ever since North Carolina emcee SkyBlew made his recording debut over ten years ago, he’s been working at a prolific pace and collaborating with all sorts of different people. In recent years, he has made albums with Scottie Royal, DJ Reimi, and Sublime Cloud. Now he’s back with a new album with Durham producer Navo the Maestro to give us Keys of Light. A lot of SkyBlew’s music over the years has revealed his production wheelhouse to be that jazzy early ‘90s style of boom bap.

Day Tripper - I Found the End: A Dedication to Broadcast

Day Tripper is an Atlanta-based producer best known for his work in groups like Clan Destined and The Difference Machine. Just last year, he teamed up with Full Plate to release an instrumental solo album called Langford Landscapes. Now he’s back with a different sort of project with I Found The End: A Dedication To Broadcast. I always love it when producers tip their hands to genres and groups not obviously associated with hip hop.

G'emma - Types of Water

G’emma is a young artist from Berlin who released her first single in 2019. While the jazz and vocals student at Osnabrück University was in Freiburg, she met Quintin Copper and Dowakee, who not only started working with her as producers and musicians, but also got her hooked up with Sonar Kollektiv. Now, G’emma is ready to present her debut project, Types of Water EP. The first thing that hit me in listening to Types of Water was how seasoned G’emma sounds as a vocalist.

Daedelus & Joshua Idehen - Holy Water Over Sons

Daedelus is an artist who came up in the Los Angeles beat scene in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s. Since that time, he has given us a plethora of different projects that range from the grandest conceptual projects to the fun and (somewhat) straight ahead and everything in between. Most recently, he gave us the beat-focused project, What Wands Won’t Break, back in May of 2020. Now he is back with a completely different type of project, teaming up with Nigerian British poet Joahua Idehen to release an EP called Holy Water Over Sons.

Jack Vaul - A Long Where Away

Jack Vaul is an artist from Adelaide, Australia who has been releasing music for a while, but he’s really been ramping things up in the past couple of years. He’s done collaborative projects with people like Thorts or as part of Lowlight Plains alongside Wakemare. He’s also been active as a solo artist, with his last EP, StarHeartSkull, coming out in August of 2020. Now he’s returned with a new solo EP, A Long Where Away.

Kill Bill: The Rapper - Snowglobe Theory

Kill Bill is an artist who used to be based in Austin but is now calling Charleston home. Over the last seven years, he’s been releasing music as part of the Exosociety collective. In the past two years, we’ve gotten collaborative projects from him with Rav and Scuare, but now he’s back with new solo album, Snowglobe Theory. In case you don’t know the reference, the snowglobe theory is a reference to the TV show St.