MC Longshot - The Healing

Longshot is an emcee who has been at it for two decades now, getting his start in Chicago before moving to Minneapolis several years ago and re-establishing his career there. Over the years, he’s worked with everyone from Big Quarters to Psalm One, just to name a couple. Longshot’s most recent album came just last November, when he dropped Spread Love. Now he’s back with a new album produced entirely by Chicago artist CeLL Uno, The Healing.

Deantoni Parks, Technoself - Westwave 2

Deantoni Parks is a drummer/composer/producer who has been working for over twenty years, playing in groups like KUDU and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, and doing session work for everyone from Meshell Ndegeocello to John Cale. In 2015, he debuted his solo project called Technoself with a self-titled album, in which Parks was really able to explore the abstract ways in which live instrumentation can play with and against the capabilities of recording technologies.

Libretto & Vitamin D - Rusty Bladez

Libretto is an emcee from Portland, Oregon who dropped his debut album all the way back in 2004, back when Dim Mak was releasing post-punk/indie rock. Unfortunately, despite the signing, things didn’t take off the way they should have amidst a changing musical landscape, and in a few years, Libretto found himself struggling to maintain and wound up in prison. Fortunately, since he got out, Libretto has found support in the way of Liquid Beat Records, also based in Portland, who have already released a couple of singles, EPs, two volumes of Gangsta Jazz albums with him, and an album with Pittsburgh producer Buscrates called Eternal Ridin’.

Phill Harmonix x Fresh Kils - MISCELLANEA

Phill Harmonix is an emcee from Phoenix, who along with a solo career that goes back over ten years ago, has been a frequent collaborator with Mega Ran over the years. Outside of some features, though, it’s been a minute since we got a proper project from him. That changes with a new EP done in collaboration with Toronto producer Fresh Kils, MISCELLANEA. Fresh Kils has had a long career making beats, and he’s worked on a myriad of different projects in that time.

Jermiside & The Expert - The Overview Effect

Jermiside is an artist originally from Cincinnati, but now based in Atlanta. He’s been releasing music since the early ‘00s, both as a solo artist and as a member of groups like Lessondary and The Red Giants. While he’s dropped some guest verses and was part of Lessondary’s 2020 album, it’s been five years since his last solo release, A Moment Between Places. Now he steps to the mic to drop an album done in collaboration with Irish producer The Expert, The Overview Effect.

Height Keech - Make Your Own Light

Height Keech is an artist from Baltimore who has been releasing music since the early ‘00s. Most recently, he’s been working on a few group projects. Last year saw the release of an album by Necessary People, his production duo with ialive, and earlier this year we got an album he made with Darko the Super. Now he’s come back with a new solo album, Make Your Own Light. After all that collaboration, Make Your Own Light is almost a complete solo album, with Keech handling both production and rhyming duties.

kidDEAD - The Man Who Lived Forever

On August 8, 2021, the world lost Ross Norton, better known as the Nashville-based emcee kidDEAD. His passing caught everyone by surprise, and just like that we had lost another talented artist in the indie hip hop scene well before their time. One positive within all of this is that before his passing, kidDEAD had linked up with a producer in Nashville by the name Nathan Zensen. They had gotten far enough along in their sessions together that it didn’t take too much additional work to put together one last kidDEAD album, which is now here in the form of a nine-track project called The Man Who Lived Forever.

Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice - Flux Populi

Chief & TheDoomsdayDevice is an emcee/producer/deejay from Austin who has been releasing music for a little over ten years. He made his debut on Fake Four in December of 2020, when he did a split release with Anthony Maintain for their Freecember series. Now he’s back with a new project done in collaboration with producer Th’Mole, Flux Populi. Th’Mole has been working since the late ‘90s under various aliases, but these days can mostly be found running the Weird Rap label/website/Twitter handle.

Palm Skin Productions - Other Times

Simon Richmond is a producer originally from London, but now based in St. Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex. He has been releasing music for over thirty years, working under different aliases, such as Boswick Gates and Pacific Rim Dubs, and with such groups as Cousin Grizzly and Fresh Handmade Collective. Over the years, he’s worked with everyone from Art of Noise to Nenah Cherry. He originally debuted the alias Palm Skin Productions back in the early ‘90s, when he released a series of four EPs on Mo Wax that established him as a trip hop/electronica artist of note.

Ebi Soda - Honk If You're Sad

Ebi Soda is a group from Brighton who have only been around for a short time, but they have quickly been thrown into the mix of the exciting jazz scene in the UK. They released their first album, Ugh, in 2020, which caught the attention of Tru Thoughts, who now release their sophomore album, Honk If You’re Sad. Ebi Soda is a jazz quintet at their core, but these guys also came up in the late 2010s, which means that they also listen to a wide variety of music, from dub to trap to post punk and beyond.