Dusty Patches - Newtok

Dusty Patches is the solo electronic project from Chicago producer/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Mitchell, who spent much of his early career in post-punk bands like New Color, Whiskey Wise, and De Triomphe. He started the Dusty Patches project back in 2016 when he started posting these synthesizer jams to YouTube. The project has certainly evolved since then, with his most recent release, Nocturnal Emissions from the Dablatory, coming in 2020. Now he has returned with his most interesting and ambitious project to date, Newtok.

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - I'm Good, HBU?

Snotty Nose Rez Kids are a duo from Vancouver who have been making a lot of noise over the last five years. They continued their ascent last year with their excellent full-length album, Life After. Now they have come back with a new EP, I’m Good, HBU? After making a leap with a big statement album like Life After, it was always going to be interesting to see what Young D and Yung Trybez were going to do next.


The way that 2022 has been going for Fort Wayne emcee Sankofa, it only seemed right that we get one more project in before the end of the year, so that he can officially claim the title of busiest emcee of the year. He’s already released projects like Never Easy, The Sonny Vaccaro Years, and The Beat Shall Inherit the Verse (as part of The Silversmiths), and that’s just since August.

Tino & Marrrtin - La Pie Bavarde

Tino is an emcee from Dayton, Ohio who has been putting out music for the past ten years. Just this past November, he released his seventh solo album, Midwest Sorrow. Now he has teamed up with French producer Marrrtin to release a new EP, La Pie Bavarde. Marrrtin is a producer who has been part of the French hip hop scene for the last two decades, and his resume is extensive.

Oscar Goldman - Oscar Goldman

One of the best traditions in indie hip hop is Freecember, where Fake Four uses the month of December to put out projects by lesser known acts for free. Just last year, we got releases from kidDEAD and OneWerd, Brook Pridemore, Sweetcream, and SB the Moor & Progeny. This year, we are kicking things off with a new self-titled album from Oscar Goldman. Oscar Goldman is an artist from Sonora, California, who has been releasing music for over a decade now.

Sareem Poems & Madi - Hopefully

Sareem Poems is an emcee from Michigan who has been releasing music for twenty years. In that time, he’s found that collaborative projects work really well for him, releasing projects with producers such as Terem and Ess Be. Most recently, he released an excellent one-two punch of albums done with producer Newselph, 88 to Now and The Art of Living. Now he’s teamed up with another producer by the name of Madi to release an EP, Hopefully.

MichRyc - Under the Surface

MichRyc is a producer/guitarist from Poland. Prior to starting his music career, interestingly enough, he was a three time freestyle football champion. Now, as he turns his focus to music, he releases his debut album on Cold Busted, Under the Surface. When it comes to an instrumental hip hop release like Under the Surface, especially a debut album, you don’t necessarily need the artist to reinvent the wheel. You just need them to establish that they have a firm grasp of the music they like to make, a good musical foundation, and soom room for growth.

Deborah Jordan - The Light (2022 Reissue)

London-based vocalist Deborah Jordan has been critically acclaimed over the years, and along with her solo material, she’s worked with artists like Kaidi Tatham and the jazz group Panacea. Her most recent release was a collaborative project with K15 called Human, which came out this past May. Now, Futuristica Music has gone back to the beginning with Jordan, reissuing her 2009 debut solo album, The Light. The period between 2005-2010 remains one of the weirdest in pop music history, not just in the way that not only were a lot of sounds shifting, but also in the ways that it became harder to discover independent music as all of the distribution models were shifting.

jesse the Tree - Treely Dan

Providence emcee jesse the Tree has been releasing music for about the last five years. Just this past August, he officially made his debut on Strange Famous with his album, Pigeon Man. Now he is back to follow that up with a short EP, Treely Dan. How do you follow up the biggest album of your career? Well, if you’re jesse the Tree, you come right back with an EP done in collaboration with producer .

Flevans - A Short Distance to Fall

Flevans is a multi-instrumentalist, deejay and producer from Brighton, UK, who has been releasing music for over two decades. While we’ve gotten a handful of singles and EPs from him in the last couple of years, his last LP, Part Time Millionaire, came out in 2019. Now he’s back with a new full-length, A Short Distance to Fall. It doesn’t take long in listening to A Short Distance to Fall to realize that you are in good hands.