UDABABY is the Chicago duo of Joshua Virtue and Davis. Two years ago, they released their debut EP, simply titled UDABABY EP. Now they have come back with their first full-length album as a duo, simply titled UDABABY LP. For the album, Joshua Virtue is handling all of the production minus one track, “Coinstar Blues,” which is produced by Malci. The overall feeling of the album is the hip hop equivalent of free jazz, like UDABABY is drawing upon influences like the Art Ensemble of Chicago, but also a group like Antipop Consortium.

Skyzoo - All the Brilliant Things

Skyzoo is an emcee from Brooklyn who first came onto the scene fifteen years ago with a cosign from 9th Wonder. After a couple of releases on First Generation Rich, Skyzoo moved to Mello Music Group in 2016 with his album, The Easy Truth, made alongside Apollo Brown. Most recently, in 2020, he dropped the fatherhood-centric project, Milestones. Now he’s back with a new full-length album, All the Brilliant Things.

Ray West & Nathan Dialect - Time Means Nothing

Ray West is a producer from New York who, along with Abdul Jabar and AG, founded the record label Red Apples 45 back in 2010. Since that time, he has released projects with everyone from Kool Keith to O.C. to Blu, along with his own solo work. Back in 2017, he paired up with an emcee who moved to New York from Australia, Nathan Dialect, to make an EP called 2 Train With the 7.

Magna Carda - To The Good People

Magna Carda is a hip hop band that formed in Austin almost a decade ago when emcee Megz Kelli and producer/keyboardist Dougie Do paired up and shared a musical vision together. Since that time, they’ve continued to grow and improve with a number of releases and countless live shows under their belt, becoming one of the most exciting hip hop acts in Austin. Their last release came a little over a year ago when they dropped their EP COFFEE TABLE TALK VOL.

Mawik - 1988

Mawik is a producer/skateboarder/visual artist from Mexico. She dropped her first project, INQUEBRANTABLE, back in 2018, and followed that up with Kickflip in May of 2020. Now she continues her growth with her latest project, 1988. When a project is called 1988, there’s certainly a sound that American hip hop fans think of when they start going through the classic albums that came out that year. Well, throw all of those expectations out the window when you listen to Mawik’s instrumental project.

Kenny Segal - Indoors

Kenny Segal is a producer from Los Angeles that has been releasing music for over twenty years. In that time, he’s been part of groups like The Kleenrz and The Jefferson Park Boys, and he’s collaborated on albums with the like of billy woods, Serengeti, Hemlock Ernst, and R.A.P. Ferreira. While he released a collection of instrumental material last October, it’s been three years since his last proper solo album, Happy Little Trees.

Linnil - Outlines

Linnil is the new name chosen by Birmingham’s Richard Daniel. While performing under the name Richard Daniel, he was known as an emcee and vocalist who gave us such brilliant albums as 2019’s The Lemon Tree Project. However, he made a statement as a producer by working with fellow Birmingham artist Mel.Crozby on his 2020 album iris. Now, with the announcement of the name change, he gives us the first peak at what he might be cooking up as Linnil with the EP Outlines.

Quiz Ten - Prescription Handbills

Pen Thief Records is a label based in Berlin that is committed to bring you some of the best overlooked underground hip hop releases via cassette and digital releases. Most recently, this has meant experimental projects from the likes of Noblonski, Pasquale, and Kitz Willman. Now they’ve dug a little bit deeper for their latest release from emcee Quiz Ten, Prescription Handbills. Now, there is a very good chance right now that you are asking, “Who is Quiz Ten?

Cru Drums - Live/Work

Steve Bryant, aka Cru Jones, aka Cru the Dynamic, aka Cru Drums, is a drummer and producer from Brooklyn. Along with maintaining a solo career, he’s also served as touring drummer for people like Elliott Lipp, Young & Sick, Michna, and Benzos. Two years ago, he made his debut on Young Heavy Souls with the album Cuts. Now he’s back with his second album on the label, Live/Work. It doesn’t take long in listening to Live/Work to understand that Cru is a drummer, as “Wedded” hits you with some crazy rhythms that sound like they were already complex before Cru chopped up the sample and layered things in a such a way that it will take a minute to sink in just exactly what is happening.

Thorts & Prayrz - Wishing Well Wishes

Thorts is an emcee from Bunbury, Australia. When you pronounce his stage name in an Australian accent, you’ll understand that his stagename is a play on the word “thoughts.” This why every so often, someone will hit him up online and tell him that he should pair up with an artist by the name of “prayers” just so they could make a project called “thoughts and prayers.” When this never happened organically, his friend and emcee Vaul from Lowlight Plains took it upon himself to temporarily change his name to Prayrz and make an EP with his buddy so that they could make this happen.