Miz Korona - The Healer and the Heartbreaker

Miz Korona is an emcee from Detroit who has been putting out music since the early ‘00s, as well as working as a photographer and activist. We last heard from Korona when she dropped The Virus EP back in April of 2020. Now she’s back with a much more personal project, The Healer and the Heartbreaker. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to turn on a project like The Healer and the Heartbreaker, done with care by a veteran artist, because from the opening seconds of this EP you know that all of the production is going to be top notch and the lyrics are going to have depth.

Lance Scott Walker - DJ Screw: A Life in Slow Revolution

Lance Scott Walker is a writer originally from Texas but now based in New York who has written for Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, Red Bull Music Academy, Vice, Wondering Sound, Fader, and The Wire. In 2018, he published the book Houston Rap Tapes: An Oral History of Bayou City Hip-Hop with UT Press. Now, in something of a continuation of that project, we get DJ Screw: A Life in Slow Revolution.

Jean Carne, Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad - JID012

Jean Carne is a vocalist originally from Georgia, but she first made her mark as a musician in Los Angeles in the early ‘70s, when she and her then husband, organist Doug Carn, launched Black Jazz Records, and subsequently collaborated on a series of incredible soul/jazz fusion albums. By 1976, she moved on to Philadelphia International, and began a more pop-friendly era of her career, enjoying some moderate success that went through the ‘80s.

s.al - ALMA

s.al, fka Safari Al, is an artist originally from Milwaukee, but he’s bounced around a little bit during his career, and he’s calling Minneapolis home these days. Throughout his career, he’s been one of the mainstays of the Ruby Yacht family, and he’s also worked with other Wisconsin artists such as WC Tank and Offsite. His most recent solo project came just this past February, when he dropped an EP called I Will Guide You Out.

Dregs One & Ill Sugi - Skies Over Tokyo

Dregs One is an emcee and producer from San Francisco who has been releasing music for about the last fifteen years. Over that time, he’s collaborated with fellow Bay Area artists like Equipto and Brycon, and he’s been part of groups like Gas Mask Crew and No World Order. His early recordings made their way across the Pacific, where a young producer in Tokyo by the name of Ill Sugi discovered Dregs One’s music at a local record store.

Emapea - Smuggling Town

Emapea is a producer from Poland who has been releasing music for six years now. He is best known to American audiences for his 2020 collaboration with Los Angeles emcee Kid Abstrakt, Jazzy Vibes. His latest project came just this past September, when he dropped the instrumental album, Bees, Trees, and Flowers. Now he’s back with a new instrumental EP, Smuggling Town. Sometimes you don’t need to overthink things. Just play to your strengths and have fun with it.

DK x Ghettosocks - Listen to the Masters

DK is a relatively new producer from Halifax, dropping his debut album, Soul Expressions, just in 2019. He’s been working steady and collaborating since then, most recently dropping an EP last year with Justo the MC called This is Me. Now he’s right back with a new album featuring Backburner artist Ghettosocks on the mic, Listen to the Masters. One listen to this album, and it’s easy to see why Ghettosocks would link up with someone like DK.

K.Raydio - Beat Tape? Vol. 3

K.Raydio is a vocalist, producer, and songwriter from Minneapolis. She has been putting out music for over a decade now, collaborating with artists like O-D and Shrimpnose along the way. Most recently, we just heard from her when she dropped her EP this past April, 80s Baby. Now she’s right back with another installment in her beat tape series, Beat Tape? Vol. 3. Beat Tape? Vol. 1 dropped back in December of 2019.

Brandon Coleman - Interstellar Black Space

Brandon Coleman is a keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter/arranger/producer from Los Angeles who has long been sought after, collaborating with everyone from Babyface to Flying Lotus over the years. Most of the time, he can be found as part of Kamasi Washington’s stellar ensemble. He released his first solo album, Self Taught, in 2015, before signing with Brainfeeder, who released his 2018 album, Resistance. Now he’s returned with his most ambitious album to date, Interstellar Black Space.

B.Bravo - Vizionz

B.Bravo is a producer from Los Angeles who has been releasing music since the late ‘00s. He has often worked in collaboration with other artists, such as Umii with Reva Devito or Kool Kustomer with Rojai. He released his first full-length solo album, Paradise, in 2017. While he’s kept busy with collaborations, EPs, singles, and remixes, it’s been five years since that last solo album. Well, the wait is finally over, because his sophomore album, Vizionz, is now here.