Stik Figa - East of MacVicor Ave

Stik Figa is an emcee now based in Fort Worth, but he came up in Topeka, Kansas. He’s been releasing music for over a decade, first breaking through with his Mello Music Debut, As Himself, in 2012. His last album came in May of 2020, when he dropped If It’s the Last Thing I Do. Now he’s teamed up with DFW producer DJ Sean P to create a project called East of MacVicor Ave.

Injury Reserve - By the Time I Get to Phoenix

Injury Reserve is a group out of Tempe that formed in 2013. They dropped a couple of mix tapes and an EP before finally releasing their self-titled debut full-length album in 2019. While that album was well-received and marked a huge step forward for the group, they suffered a devastating blow when member Stepa J. Groggs passed away at age 32 in 2020 due to unknown causes. For a second, the future of the group seemed up in the air, but the other two members, Ritchie With a T and Parker Corey, regrouped and decided the best way to honor their friend and bandmate was to keep making music.

J'Von - King Cheetah

J’Von is an emcee/producer from Seattle who has worked with artists like Ackryte and Lakim since he started putting out music in the early 2010s. His most recent release came in October of 2020, when he dropped the album Thunderboy. Now he’s back with a new full-length album, King Cheetah. In the not-too-distant past, J’Von accidentally wiped his computer and feared that everything was lost. While the majority of it was gone, he was able to recover the music on this album.

Mister T - Soul Shower

Dimitris Tentinis, aka Mister T, is a producer from Kavala, Greece. Since 2011, when he joined forces with Cold Busted, he has released six LPs, with the most recent, Black Drop, coming in 2019. Now he’s back with album number seven, Soul Shower. The good news about someone like Mister T is that there’s never a wrong time or place to jump into his catalogue. That’s because for all of the subtle innovations and changes to his music over the years, the funk remains constant, and the grooves are undeniable.

Wheelchair Sports Camp - Alice in Wonderland (Original Theater Soundtrack)

Wheelchair Sports Camp is the Denver-based musical project spearheaded by Kalyn, the emcee/producer of the group. They had their breakthrough moment in 2016 when they released their full-length album, No Big Deal. Since that time, there have been a couple of singles, sit-ins, and a mayoral campaign, but no full-length album. Well, as it turns out, they had been busy working on a production of Alice in Wonderland at the Phamaly Theater Company, creating an original soundtrack for the play.

Blockhead - Space Werewolves Will Be the End of Us All

Blockhead is a New York producer who’s been in the game for over two decades, working with everyone from Illogic to billy woods along the way. He started in on his solo instrumental career back in 2004, with Music by Cavelight, and he’s been pretty consistent with his output since then. While he’s released some beat compilations and remixes during quarantine, it’s actually been two years since his last proper solo album, Bubble Bath.

ELUCID & Von Pea - Dirtee Deacon (In T.S.O.Pea)

ELUCID and Von Pea have both been fixtures of the New York hip hop scene for over a decade, both as solo artists and as part of groups like Armand Hammer and Tanya Morgan, respectively, and both working as both emcees and producers. As much music as both of them have given us over the years, they had apparently been sitting on a collaborative project for about ten years now. Fortunately for us, they now felt it was finally the right time to put it out into the world, and we now get to enjoy Dirtee Deacon (In T.

Aeon Grey - chaos infinite

Aeon Grey is an emcee/producer from Des Moines. He’s been releasing music for over fifteen years, both as a solo artist and as part of groups like Maxilla Blue. He’s also been known to pop up on Uncommon Records projects over the years. Most recently, he released a shorter project called Galileo in December of 2020. Now he’s back with a full-length album, chaos infinite. If you’ve spent time with Aeon Grey over the years, you know he tends towards the dark and abstract side of hip hop, and chaos infinite is no exception.

Rita J - The High Priestess

Rita J is an emcee from Chicago who first made a splash back in ‘09 when she dropped her debut album, Artist Workshop. It took five years before we got sophomore album, Lost Time, in 2014. Then, after another hiatus, she came back on our radar when she collaborated with Raashan Ahmad last year to make the album Black Koala. This time she turned right back around and gave us a new LP, The High Priestess.

Madwreck - Newark Valley High

Madwreck is a producer from North Carolina that used to work as part of the production duo Dirty Art Club. Last year, he reunited with MC Mattic as Ill Scholars and dropped a self-titled album. Now he’s back with an instrumental solo project, Newark Valley High. There are so many instrumental hip hop projects dropped all the time these days, it can be hard to parse out the good from the mediocre sometimes – it all just blurs together.