Coco Bryce - Boesoek

After releasing an EP last year with Lowriders Collective, the talent of this Dutch producer was apparent. His unique blend of hip hop, dubstep, and skwee (a new subgenre of electronic music emerging in Europe) quickly allowed him to establish himself as an individual artist. The only question left was whether or not he was up to the challenge of producing a full-length album. With Boesoek, it is apparent that Bryce is more than up to it.

Various Artists - The Boogie

If you are like me, you were turned on to Tokyo Dawn Records last year with their release of Opolopo’s Voltage Controlled Feelings. It was a fantastic and fun record full of retro electro-boogie. Where you do you go from there as a listener? Fortunately for us, Tokyo Dawn presented us with The Boogie. Clocking in at just under seventy-four minutes and eighteen tracks, The Boogie is packed full of music to broaden your horizons.

Iz-Real & Icky Slick - The Izslickulus Package?

This EP is the collaboration between Atlanta-based emcees and a British producer named Dredi. I’m unfamiliar with these artists, but I’m definitely interested in hearing some hip hop out of Atlanta that sets itself apart from all of the major label artists right now. The first track immediately brought to mind MF Doom and Curse Ov Dialect, which promised several possibilities for this project. Iz-Real and Icky Slick both come on the first track, “Izzy Icky,” and demonstrate verbal prowess and playfulness, which along with a call-back to A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?

Prefuse 73/Jaytram - Epstein

This is one of the harder albums for me to review, only in my unfamiliarity with two of the three artists in question. I have been following Prefuse for years, but haven’t spent any time with Jaytram or Epstein. Jaytram is the drummer for Yeasayer, who I haven’t cared for since I saw them at Fun Fun Fun Fest a couple of years ago, but maybe I’ll enjoy his solo material, if this is any indication.

Nobody - All For One Without Hesitation

Ever since I first heard Pacific Drift: Western Water Music Vol. 1, I knew that Nobody was a unique talent. He is one of the hardest artists to pin down, connecting musical genres like psychedelic, house, R&B, and West Coast hip hop, with nothing ever sounding out of place. He works with a subtle touch and extensive musical vocabulary that rewards upon repeated listens. His last album was Blank Blue: Western Water Music Vol.

Atlanta by Michael Schmelling

Michael Schmelling is an esteemed photographer who has published in several magazines and collections, most notably The Wilco Book. Atlanta came about when he was trying to decide on a project to combine music and photography. He considered a project like Tallahassee by the Mountain Goats, but ultimately decided that Aquemini was going to be the inspiration and set out to shoot Atlanta. Schmelling has an excellent eye, and he has presented us with a visually arresting collection of photos to represent Atlanta.

Von Pea - Pea's Gotta Have It

Von Pea is a third of the group Tanya Morgan, and this is his debut solo album. Apparently, the idea behind this album came about when Pea found his journal from high school and he decided to set it to music. The result is an interesting mix of a mature adult making his way as a working musician and a young adolescent trying to sort out all of life’s changes.

The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip Hop by Dan Charnas

People have written about the history of hip hop, and some have folded discussions of its business practices into those narratives, but none have so thoroughly explored the history of the business side of hip hop as Charnas has here. Some of it you have heard before, and some of it you haven’t. Charnas does an excellent job of bringing in as many substantial business practices as he can that influenced the shape of hip hop.

Eternia & MoSS - At Last

Canadian emcee Eternia has been plugging away for several years now, but has yet to make a big splash in the states. Now that I’ve been clued into her talents, I can only hope that her name quickly resonates among hip hop fans everywhere. At Last is her third full-length, and for the project she enlisted fellow Canadian MoSS as producer. He holds the distinction of being the first producer signed to DJ Premier’s Works of Mart production company.

Skyrider - Aux Send Vol. 1

Known as Sole’s backing band since their first album together in 2007, Skyrider was playing as a trio before that, and continue to write and record even when Sole is working on other projects. While we can expect a Sole and the Skyrider Band album next summer, we’ve got a full-length instrumental album to enjoy right now. The album is difficult to pin down, and its eclectic mix of genres does little to help.