Kadesh Flow - Room Service 2

Back in March of 2018, Kansas City artist Kadesh Flow released an EP called Room Service. Recorded in his hotel room at MAGFEST with a few close collaborators, the EP exuded an excitement and urgency from an artist who had recently quit their day job and was ready to take their music to the next level. Going into 2020, Kadesh Flow was ready to return to this format, with plenty of conventions and festivals on the calendar.

Necessary People - These are the Necessary People

Last September, Baltimore artist Height Keech dropped his latest solo album, Wild Height Keech. What you might have missed if you didn’t read the liner notes, is that one track on the album, “Last Blast Do or Die,” was co-produced by Philly artist ialive, with Keech and ialive using the name Necessary People for their production duo. This wasn’t the first time they used the name, having produced a few other tracks under the name.

Peyton - PSA

Peyton is a vocalist from Houston who had one big break when her single “Sweet Honey” got picked up by the show Insecure. She got her next break when Stones Throw put out her debut EP, Reach Out, in 2019. Now she is back to take the next step with her debut full-length album, PSA. Peyton came up in Houston learning how to sing from her grandmother, the acclaimed gospel singer Theola Booker.

The Lasso, Jordan Hamilton & Saxsquatch - Tri Magi

It’s no secret that Michigan producer The Lasso has been on a creative tear over the last couple of years. Just since 2019, he’s released two solo albums, along with collaborating on full-length albums with Psyspiritual, Chris Orrick, and ELUCID. This past February, he released the genre-defying solo album, 2121. Now he’s teamed up with two of his frequent collaborators, Jordan Hamilton and Saxsquatch, to make another unique album, Tri Magi.

Stimulator Jones - Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection

Virginia producer Stimulator Jones has been busy in 2021. In January, he released his sophomore LP, La Mano, via the Oslo-based label Mutual Intentions. He then came back in May to self-release an uptempo dance project called Dance of the Universe. This was followed up in June with Dust Bunnies, a collection of previously unreleased beats. Now he’s back once again, this time with a brand new instrumental album, Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection.

Deantoni Parks - A Self

Deantoni Parks is a drummer/producer/songwriter who has been working as a solo artist for about the last ten years after working with the group KUDU. He also works as part of the songwriting duo We Are Dark Angels alongside keyboardist Nicci Kasper, who was also in KUDU with Parks. Most recently, in January of this year, Parks gave us a project called Glitchwood, which was a project built around microsamples of artists like Anita Baker and Luther Vandross built into new compositions with live drums and synthesizers interacting with the samples.

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Expansions

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band are a group based in Hamburg, but their roots go back to Trinidad & Tobago, where group leader Björn Wagner lived and studied the steel drum before taking these skills back to Germany. Starting in 2007, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band began garnering a following with a series of 7” releases. Eventually, they found a home at Big Crown Records, who helped them release their debut LP, 55, in 2016.

moshun - Kinesis

moshun is a young producer from Chicago who has been releasing music for the last three years. She first came on our radar last summer, when she released lullabies for your lonesome EP. Now she’s come back with a project to reflect on the emotional impact of the pandemic, Kinesis. While Kinesis might have a unique story as it relates to processing the emotions of living through a pandemic, musically this feels like more of a direct continuation to what moshun has been putting out with her last couple of projects.

JazzZ - Black Religion

JazzZ is a vocalist from Lagos, Nigeria. She released her debut, Practice, in 2017. After a couple more small projects, she made her debut on Tokyo Dawn Records in 2019 with the release of Yummy Vibes. She now returns to follow that project up with her latest album, Black Religion. For Black Religion, JazzZ finds herself working with Nigerian producers Black Intelligence and Nasser Sani, along with Tokyo producer Karl Forest.

Various Artists - Justice for Angelo Quinto! Justice for All!

Beatrock Music was formed back in 2009 by Fatgums in Southern California. While the label has worked artists of all different backgrounds and different locations, they’ve always been rooted in the Filipino American community of LA and The Bay. So when a 30-year-old man named Angelo Quinto was murdered by the police in Antioch, California on December 23, 2020 after responding to a mental health call, the artists and staff of Beatrock Music took notice and took action.