Offsite has been a bit of a nomad over the years, but Wisconsin has always served as a home base in between stints in places like Japan or Maine. No matter where he is, though, he’s a dope emcee who performs with his heart on his sleeve, as evident by recent releases like last year’s kitano omens. Now he’s back with a collection of songs that we recorded over the last two years, A Thousand Miles The Same Mood.

Like other recent Offsite projects, A Thousand Miles The Same Mood is also produced by Milwaukee’s Grandmaster Hex. They continue to develop their chemistry together, and Hex finds that right balance between some weird left field experimental beats and some more accessible boom bap that you can just groove to. This fits Offsite to a tee, who in turn is striking just the right balance between some poetic abstract imagery and philosophical ponderings with some very real and vulnerable rhymes about his personal life. Listening to an Offsite project always feels like you’re out on a walk in nature with an old friend who needs to talk through some things that have been weighing on him, and this collection is no exception. Offsite always puts everything out there in such a way that you feel like you really get to know him as a listener. We also get a couple of guest spots, one from longtime friend and collaborator Nicholas J, along with Polish emcee Ozzie, who rhymes in his native tongue and definitely brings in a different flavor to the project.

A Thousand Miles The Same Mood is an incredibly easy project to listen to, only because Offsite is such a talented emcee that his flow sounds effortless and his lyricism is so personal and vulnerable, the music becomes very relatable. Put on some headphones and go for a walk and let it all soak in.