Homage CVG is a producer from Cincinnati and one of the founders of Fort Ancient Records. He’s been releasing music since the mid-2010s, and he’s given us a lot of solo and collaborative projects in that time. His most recent solo release came in 2021, when he gave us his instrumental album, Sweet. Now he is back with a new project, End of Eternity.

There are a lot of mediocre instrumental hip hop projects out there these days - they aren’t bad, but they aren’t very memorable. The flipside to that is that when you hear a project like End of Eternity, which is being crafted with care by a veteran artist like Homage CVG, it really stands out. One way in which is stands out is that Homage CVG gives the album a frame story using clips from an old sci-fi project about an ancient alien who comes to Earth. It helps set the tone for the album and gives Homage CVG some focus as he goes about crafting his beats, giving them this eerie and exciting vibe as you move your way from track to track. The other main way in which Homage CVG is able to make his project stand out is that he clearly understands how to craft instrumental tracks with melodies and hooks and development so that each song takes you on a journey and sticks with you. You’re not just tuning in and just immediately zoning out – you’re getting introduced to different grooves built around different rhythmic patterns, tempos, instrumentation, and so forth, but each track still remains in conversation with the next one, so that the flow of the music helps to take you on this journey, and your mind can then fill in the blanks and put together this science fiction narrative.

Homage CVG has been making instrumental hip hop for a minute now, and in that time, he’s really learned the craft of making these projects that stand out and stick with you. End of Eternity is a fun project with at sci-fi theme that gives the music an identity and focus to carry you through your listening experience.