This past December, Portland (Maine) artist Myles Bullen dropped a heavy project by the name of Healing Hurts that allowed him to work through some grief over a few significant losses in his life. Now that he got that off of his chest, he’s come back with a more fun project, and EP with Producedbygeorge called clementines & mason jars.

While the title might give you more of an indie folk vibe, it won’t take long to get into the hip hop of this release. That’s because while Producedbygeorge is bringing in these indie folk elements here and there such as acoustic guitar or trumpet, he’s flipping everything and making sure these beats bump first and foremost, which they absolutely do. The result is that there is a playful and live energy to the EP that is just infectious as you listen through. There is some really clever and subtle musicianship to the composition of each song, but at the end of the day, this EP is about turning up and showing out and having fun with your friends. And while Bullen might have ventured more into singing and spoken word on Healing Hurts, this project demands more straight rapping, so it’s also fun to hear Bullen flex his skills on the mic as well, because he can spit with the best of them. More than anything, though, this is about the chemistry between Bullen and George, and the good news is that they fit together like peanut butter and jelly.

clementines & mason jars is a short ride, but you have so much fun along the way listening to Myles Bullen and Producedbygeorge bring that heat, you’ll most likely just press play again and run the whole thing back, just for good measure.