The second installment in the new Medicine Show series, where we learn that the rules are odd numbered entries are original material, and the even numbered offerings are mixtapes. This particular mixtape is a blend of Brazilian music, from samba to psychedelic.

I’m not particularly well-versed in this music, so I can’t break it down for you with each track and artist, but I can tell you it’s a good mix of familiar and unfamiliar, and a good blend of genres. There’s some psychedelic rock, some soft jazz, some Sergio Mendes, and so on.

Madlib doesn’t do much in the way of manipulating the songs, instead blending and mixing to get a good flow of music from that unique cultural space in South America. There aren’t any liner notes to the mix, so unless you already have a pre-existing knowledge base to go from, you’re left to judge the music on it’s own merits, which I think works just fine. I like being thrown into the deep end, especially since I think every song on this mix is worth treading through. I’ll be happy when I can pinpoint each individual song, but in the mean time I’ll enjoy the journey that is Flight to Brazil.