The first volume in Madlib’s newest series of releases is something of a preview of the O.J. Simpson (Madlib + Guilty Simpson) album coming out later this year. Unfortunately, this mix quickly falls into my least favorite combination in hip hop = good producer with lackluster emcee.

Guilty Simpson is something of a trite gangsta rapper, but doesn’t even have much in the way of delivery to make it interesting. His delivery is slow and clumsy, and he often says things that makes me cringe.

Which is a shame, because Madlib is consistent as ever in his production, so I feel like its something of a waste. I mean, Madlib really brings a great soulful bounce to “Luck Guy,” but Guilty tears it apart and ruins it with some terrible anti-woman rhymes, and I’m left shaking my head.

I guess the good news is that there are going to be 11 more volumes in this series, so Madlib has a chance to redeem himself. The bad news is that I’m really not looking forward to the O.J. Simpson record if this Medicine Show is any indication of things to come.