Goodge is an artist from High Wycombe, UK. He has been releasing music for a few years now, making his first big breakthrough in December 2020, when he released his LP, Journeys of Jazz, on Cascade Records. Now he has joined up with Cold Busted to release his new album, Echoes of Yesterday.

Every once in a while, you press play on a new album, and you can just tell from the opening bars that you’ll be in good hands. That’s what happened when I first heard “Bloomin’,” the opening track on Echoes of Yesterday. With it’s excellent groove and sophisticated funk and sense of melody, I felt at ease right away that I could just sit back and enjoy the journey that Goodge was going to take us on. Over the course of the album, Goodge is combining funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop, giving you these great instrumental tracks that do a great job of balancing the roots of yesteryear while also feeling like they are getting a modern twist and update from Goodge. His grooves feel incredibly natural, and he does a great job of writing and arranging his songs so that you get melodies that stick with you, beats that will get your body moving, and development that will take you on an emotional journey. Add on top of that a great job of sequencing the album so that the flow feels natural and continuous, and you have a really enjoyable instrumental album that will make a nice soundtrack to some hot summer nights this year.

Echoes of Yesterday is a great next step for Goodge, as he continues to carve out his own space in the world of instrumental funk and hip hop. He has obviously put in the work to really understand the music he’s been digging in the crates for, and he’s been able to transform that into something new and modern and all his own with this release.