Sometimes it feels like with the accelerated clip with which we encounter music in the information age, we can get bogged down in mediocrity. This is true to some extent, but it also means that every once in a while you can come across a scene that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise and become completely energized. Case in point: Lowrider Recordings. A collective of artists from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, who have come together over a love of bass, my ears have perked up with possibilities. They’ve only released two short EPs so far, but I’m definitely intrigued.

The first release is from Matthew McLoughlin, better known as Ghost Mutt, a young producer from Brighton. His music traverses hip hop, glitch, dubstep, funk, and other genres he regards with curiosity. We don’t get a large sample on which to form an opinion, just two songs and two remixes, so we can’t draw too many conclusions. But these songs certainly grabbed my attention. He demonstrates a talent for walking the line between challenging, off-kilter syncopated beats, and dirty, funky grooves. It’s not an easy thing to balance.

The title track, “Sasquatch,” sets up the listener with a hyperkinetic synthesizer dancing over a low, simple bass line. It’s a good song in its own right, but it’s really meant to lay the groundwork for the second song, “Wizard’s Sleeve.” With a high-pitched keyboard bend that recalls the “ER” theme, this is where Ghost Mutt makes the BASS DROP. It’s a low, fuzzy, bent-pitch keyboard line that drives the song. It’s fairly simple but has plenty of subtle variation and it’s very effective. The drum work isn’t necessarily as complex as on “Sasquatch,” but sometimes simplicity is needed to bring out the power of the bass when it’s in full effect. Seriously, you’re going to want to turn your stereo up.

Both remixes are good as well. Slugabed takes a little of both tracks, then brings a bit of house and ambient flavor into play. Coco Bryce takes Sasquatch and adds an eerie keyboard contrasted with a crunchy syncopation that takes on a whole new life. Good stuff.

I’m not sure what the reaction to this music is like in the UK. All I know is that stateside, I’m not getting a lot of music that sounds like this right now. From what I’ve heard, I really like it, and I hope that Lowrider keeps contributing interesting music.