Big Quarters consist of brothers Brandon and Zach Bagaason, an up-and-coming duo from Minneapolis who shouldn’t be unknown for much longer. For one, they are very much committed to connecting to their fans, passing out free CDs at shows, and providing affordable download subscription services for their music. First and foremost, though, is the music, and BQ certainly brings it on their new album. They bring such a great marriage of inventive, varied production mixed with smart, thoughtful lyrics, this is album is definitely in the running for best surprise of the year. I don’t know if I’ve heard more thoughtful and personal lyrics this year (okay, maybe Brother Ali). The lyrics aren’t preachy, but they are incredibly honest and self-reflective of two brothers who haven’t had an easy time and want better from themselves and others. Production-wise, the album is tight as can be. It’s varied, interesting, and complex. When it needs to come heavy, it does. When it needs to be playful and jazzy, it does. When it needs to be moody and introspective, it is. It never really seems like they are repeating themselves. It’s an album that keeps growing on me, and I’m sure it will grow on others, too.