Bike for Three! is the collaboration between Canadian emcee Buck 65 and Belgian producer Greetings from Tuskan. I’m not familiar with Greetings from Tuskan, but I’ll be honest and admit that I’ve completely lost interest in Buck 65’s career since Talkin’ Honky Blues. I just couldn’t get into his spoken-word-ish delivery over music that was pretty uninteresting. This album was being put out on anticon, though, so I thought maybe this would be a departure of the material of recent years. The production on this album isn’t bad, although over the course of the few songs, I can definitely identify some crutches, such as the need to keep disrupting and skipping the vocals. Mostly, though, it’s a bit emo-electro for my tastes, but it’s nothing I couldn’t live with. Unfortunately, it’s Buck 65 who really ruins the album for me. If I was going to sum up my feelings about his performance on this album in a sentence, it would be, “This reminds me why I don’t go to open mic poetry nights.” I mean, I should have expected this out of an album featuring titles like “Lazarus Phenomenon” and “Can Feel Love (Anymore).” It’s just filled with “I-cut-myself-just-to-know-I’m-alive” lyrics. Not to add that I have a real hard time taking Buck 65’s delivery as sincere. I can tell you he completely lost the crowd during SXSW 2005, and I believe that his failed interactions and half-serious delivery caused it. I’m just glad that Saul Williams came out afterward and killed it, to save my night. So, to sum up, this album really just fails to drum up any real emotion from me as a listener. Next.