Backburner artists Ambeez, aka Ambition, and Uncle Fester have been longtime collaborators and friends. While there has been a lot of great hip hop between the two of them, this particular project has been three years in the making. The wait is finally over, though, as they now present their full-length album, Enjoy.

When you have two artists like Ambeez and Fester, with a deep connection going back years and an understanding of who each other are as musicians, you don’t need to overthink things. Just stick to what works and let the passion flow through. And that’s exactly what these two have done with Enjoy. Fester is cooking up some tasty East Coast boom bap beats, with a lot of soul and warmth to them. He’s also leaving a lot of space for Ambeez to step to the mic with his low, resonate voice and just lay down some really heartfelt and personal rhymes. Again, it’s nothing too far out there, it’s just a time-tested formula that works when both artists have a connection and push each other to do their best work. Ambeez has been around for a minute, and he’s got a lot of thoughts about his journey through hip hop, his personal life, and what he stands for, and he’s laying it all out on this album, and Fester is always right there to set the right tone with his beats, always finding just the right sample to cut in and emphasize a feeling or a lyrical moment. They’re also bringing in a lot of friends to get in on the fun, with Kye Clayton, Aquakulture, Moka Only, Rel McCoy, and Ghettosocks all joining in on the action and bringing a lot of different flows and deliveries to spice things up.

Enjoy is just two artists with a lot of history and chemistry and experience coming together and making a no-frills hip hop album that delivers in a really heartfelt manner. You can tell how much these two love hip hop by how they treat every beat and every verse with the upmost care.