Zero Star is an artist from Columbus, Ohio. He has been around for several years, with a strong solo album under his belt, but most have still slept on him. He’s hoping the word will spread in 2011. To help in that endeavor he’s given us a free three-song download to whet our appetites before we get an EP, and then ultimately, his sophomore solo album. First things first though – The Ink Pen Method.

“Hanging Out” leads off the collection. It begins with Zero Star explaining that he used to be hyped to hear his own voice on a track, but now he feels awkward about it. The beat kicks in, and we get a nice laid-back groove with a creative use of samples of male background singers to create an introspective mood. Lyrically, Zero Star is trying to figure out where he’s been, and where he’d like to go in hip hop.

“Not Enough” kicks up the energy a notch with string samples playing off keyboards to create tension as he explores the tension and conflict in striking a balance between life and art.

“Testing” continues to raise the energy level as a descending piano line plays off a heavy snare hit to create a sense of urgency. Lyrically, it’s something of a mission statement, where Zero Star is staking his claim as a great emcee. I would have to say he succeeds.

If this is any indication of what is to come in the following months, I think we’re in for a treat. Zero Star is a talented artist, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.