As two of the members of Living Legends, The Grouch and Eligh have been making hip hop for years. As a duo, this comes as the fourth volume of G&E music, and they’ve certainly got chemistry together. Eligh handles the majority of production on the album, with some complimentary tracks laid down by Flying Lotus, Amp Live, and Rick Rock.

Flying Lotus fits in nicely, as does Rick Rock (if you’re not paying attention, you might think they were also Eligh tracks), but Amp Live’s “Boom,” never comes together to work as well as intended. The overall feel of the album is laid-back with bass-heavy grooves, which lay way for The Grouch to move back and forth between some slow, smooth rhymes and rapid-fire spittin’.

Overall, I feel the album works. However there are some slip-ups. Take “I Know You Wanna Feel” - a song that is working quite well, then quickly veers off track after three minutes of music by bringing some terrible auto-tuned R&B hook. It’s extremely unnecessary, as it derails the song. There are other times when the music might get a little pop, but it works, like in “All In,” which even features a cameo from Pigeon John. It sounds a bit like Blackalicious’s “Powers,” but it works as a change of pace that still fits into the album’s aesthetic. “River Run Dry,” makes good use of a sped-up female vocal hook and drops some ecological rhymes that will hopefully make you think.

However, “No Flowers” finds them just the other side of what works and what is cheesy. The corny romantic rhymes and the new-age R&B hook just make me want to press the skip button.

The good news is that this is the exception and not the rule. For the majority of the album, The Grouch and Eligh form a winning team that have given us an album of solid West Coast hip hop.