Here’s where we expose my ignorance in regards to dancehall music. Major Lazer is the project from producers Diplo and Switch, whom most people know from their involvements with M.I.A. Supposedly, Major Lazer is a character they created who is a Jamaican commando who lost an arm fighting a zombie war. This is an interesting concept, but doesn’t necessarily affect the music on the album, just the art work. As for the music on the album, I have to say I’m a little let down. Not that anything’s bad, but it’s not necessarily interesting. If these weren’t two known producers from outside of Jamaica, would we even care about this album? I’m not so sure that we would. The production is good, but they aren’t doing anything musically interesting or different than other dancehall records. The guests are a little up and down, but there’s no focus lyrically or otherwise. It’s a tricky game to play. If someone handed me this record with no outside information, I’d probably enjoy it as a run of the mill dancehall record that I would skip tracks on to hear a couple of good songs. As two producers with a high level of prior work with politically-minded artists, this album is something of a disappointment. Come on guys, we all know that you can do better than this.