Sometimes, good artists go bad. I wish I could explain it better, but the man who helped bring such albums as Latyrx and Maroons and mixtapes as killer as Ahead of the Curve, delivers us a mixtape that fails pretty much from start to finish. I’m hard-pressed to pick an part of this album that isn’t cheesy as hell. I do like the cool envelope packaging, but that’s about it. The only good tracks are from previous albums like Maroons and Generel Elektriks. Instead of new interesting, funky beats or insightful, passionate lyrics, we get trite, sappy, romantic, and sometimes adolescent lyrics over cheesy, mid-’90s R&B beats. It’s terrible. And I feel bad typing all of this - I was genuinely excited to get a new Lateef mixtape. I feel he’s a really underrated emcee, the one that people forget to name when they are talking about the good music being put out by Quannum. But this is not helping my argument one bit. Instead I want to hide this under my bed and pretend it never happened. Why oh why, Lateef? I gave you nothing but love, and you turn it into this shitty mixtape? What did we do to deserve this? I don’t know if you have a master mixtape, but if you do, bury it in a lock box and start over. You’re so much better than this thing. We all are.