Kosha Dillz is a Jewish rapper from Jersey who’s been on his grind for years. He’s collaborated with the likes of C-Rayz Walz, Homeboy Sandman, and others. With his new EP, he’s looking to kick off a new chapter in his life, which is evidenced by the opening track, “Garage Sale,” which serves as an extended metaphor for cleaning out past clutter and starting fresh.

On a nine-track EP, Dillz manages to cover a wide range of styles, from the soul-funk of “Garage Sale,” to the new wave synth of “All These Years,” the West Coast gangsta swagger of “To The Most High,” to the pop soul of “Dance Away the Pain,” to the Latin-inspired “Span-Hebrish (Ech Ani Olech),” to the Timbaland-esque “The Sweatpants Song.” The result is a rather complete feeling after a collection of tracks that clocks in around thirty minutes. Of course, this wouldn’t matter much if the lyrics didn’t match the quality of music. The good news here is that Dillz is a very capable wordsmith who isn’t afraid to bare his personal problems and emotions. Whereas when we use the term “Christian musician” to refer to someone making music that is preachy, Dillz is a Jewish emcee in that he is an emcee whose religion plays a large role in his identity and therefore comes through in his music, much in the same way that Islam influences Brother Ali. Dillz is really just discussing his life, love, loss, and everything in between. It’s not all serious, either, as evidenced by the silly “The Sweatpants Song.”

While a lot of people still aren’t familiar with Kosha Dillz, that should change soon. Ask another emcee about Kosha Dillz, and you’ll hear nothing but respect. Dillz is a DIO (Do-It-Ourselves, because no one can do it alone) artist, and he’s been on his grind, but it’s always been about the music. With Gina and the Garage Sale EP, the music delivers.