Sometimes I’m more upset when artists are mediocre than when they’re terrible. Case in point: Grieves.

Truth is, I’ve listened to this album and 88 Keys and Counting several times, but I really can’t tell you much more about them. The voice, lyrics, and music are all forgettable. At least when someone is terrible or is frustrating, it’s meant enough to me to get me all worked up. I keep trying to get worked up about Grieves, but I never remember what happened after I finish listening to the album. The opening instrumental track shows some promise as a reggae/ska-inspired instrumental track, but that’s the high point of the album.

Grieves’ delivery recalls Buck 65, though in a derivative, uninspired fashion. There are plenty of synths and drums, but they just produce generic pads and beats, none that stand out. The lyrics just make me think of high school poetry. Some guest artists (P.O.S., Cunninlynguists) are all right, but you’re better off just listening to their albums.

In a way, I feel like I’m missing something, but it’s not like I haven’t listened to this album several times. I’ll give this a numerical rating, but really it gets a big shoulder shrug from me.