Fans of Edan have been waiting for a follow up to 2005’s Beauty and the Beat for some time now, and while he still hasn’t given us a proper full-length follow-up with original material, he has given us quite a mix tape to tide us over.

For this mix, Edan was given access to Traffic Entertainment Group’s vaults. In this situation, most people would simply find some favorite tracks, find an order that created a good flow, and put that out. Not Edan. He bends, raises, lowers, reverses, loops, dubs over, under, and everything else under the sun to make this not necessarily a mix tape, but more of a thirty-minute jam session using these old recordings as source material. In the liner notes for this album, Edan outlines the complex process for this mix. He includes the note: “Just follow this timeline step by step and you too can re-create ‘Echo Party’ and then hang yourself!”

In case you are curious, Edan uses guitars, Moogs, drum-machines, keyboards, and various effects pedals to create the desired sound. It’s quite a journey to go on, one so complex that you’re bound to catch something else with each listen. With this release, Edan was able to complete a rare feat – he didn’t give his fans what they knew they wanted, but instead he gave them something they didn’t know they wanted. And it’s something worth blasting at full volume.