Swiss producer Dimlite has been making music for a while now, but is just now beginning to make his mark stateside. After an appearance on Everything She Touched Turned to Ampexian by Prefuse 73, last year’s Prismic Tops and now this EP being released on Now-Again, those of us in the U.S. are finally catching on to what those in Europe have known for years - Dimlite is a very talented musician.

Even though he’s still new to me, I’m quickly learning there’s a lot to Dimlite, even with a simple four-song EP. There’s soulful warmth that comes from some live instrumentation that can be calm and beautiful, only to be undercut by chopped and disjointed drums and disrupted by seemingly random bleeps, only to learn upon repeated listens that there’s nothing random happening here. Dimlite has discovered a great balance between pushing you out of your comfort zone and setting you at ease. One minute it will be about the drum beats and glitches, another moment it will be about developing melody on a Fender Rhodes or flute.

Normally, a four-song EP would be a teaser before a full-length album dropped. With My Human…, Dimlite gives us such a complex emotional listening experience, I feel completely satisfied as a listener. It’s not an easy task to bring in elements of jazz, glitch, hip hop, and kraut rock, and make it all palatable, let alone make an EP feel like an album. If fans of Prefuse and Flying Lotus aren’t listening to Dimlite, you need to get on the good foot.