I’ve never really gotten into Dälek before. The experimental Jersey duo who have been putting out albums since 1998, and upon listening to this album, it quickly becomes clear to me why I’ve never connected to their music. The opening track, “Blessed Are They Who Bash Your Children’s Head Against A Rock,” is sure to stir up emotions as a slow, ominous, pulsing beat builds while Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s speech discusses race and international relations in the United States. Okay, you’ve got my attention - where are we going with this? Unfortunately, nowhere interesting. Instead, we get track after track of dark, atmospheric, metal-ish beats that don’t go anywhere while the vocals remain so low in the mix, it doesn’t matter what dälek is rhyming. It’s an interesting concept to try mixing an album like that, but the instrumental work doesn’t do anything invigorating enough to let the vocals get lost in between layers of guitars. I really wish Dälek did more than that, that I could really enjoy them, but there is this brick wall that I just can’t climb over. How are you going to move anyone to become politically active if they can’t hear the words you are saying? How are you going to keep a music fan interested if each track is just more muddled atmospherics. I wish Dälek were much more than they are, but they just don’t move in me in any sort of way. They are like a giant brick wall that I wish I could get over, because I feel like there is something to them that is going untapped. I’ll just have to hold out hope that they’ll release something one day that will finally grab my attention and really move me.