Handbook - Oz

Handbook is a producer from York, England, who has been releasing music since the beginning of this decade. The last time we heard from him was just back in June, when he released an EP on Cascade Records called Reminiscence. Now he comes back with an album that was actually made a couple of years ago when Handbook returned from a visit to Australia and was inspired to create. The result is an album appropriately title Oz.

Corey O & Raquel Divar - The Reign

Raquel Divar is an emcee originally from San Francisco, but she’s been based in Portland, Oregon for several years now. Corey O is a producer from Portland who has been releasing music for the better part of the decade. For whatever reason, even though they’ve been at this for a while, they haven’t gained much recognition outside of the Portland area. Hopefully, that will begin to change as they team up and drop a new EP, The Reign.

Googie - Floating Polygons

Googie is a New York emcee that has been working as part of the Karma Kids crew, as well as a solo artist. His last solo album, ‘Tis What ‘Tis, came out back in 2016. He now returns with a brand-new effort, Floating Polygons. One of the first things that will hit you in listening to this album is just how much fun it is. First and foremost, Googie knows how to rock a crowd and keep everybody entertained.

Araless - Something About You: Summer

Back in April of this year, Seattle artist Araless threw fans for a loop when the guy who just dropped a politically charged EP called Proletariat Rock came back with an EP full of smooth R&B called Something About You: Spring. It was a change of pace, for sure, but it was also fantastic. The good news is that Spring was just the beginning, and now Summer is here. Nothing was broke with Something About You: Spring, so Araless continues to work with producer OK on Summer as well.

Sims + Air Credits + ICETEP - Arteria Verite

Everything about this album was born about two years ago. Doomtree emcee Sims had just his solo album More Than Ever, which was largely produced by Twin Cites producer ICETEP. Around this same time, Sims had been contacted by the newly formed group Air Credits, consisting of Chicago artists Show You Suck and Hood Internet, to appear on their first album. It wasn’t much longer until Sims and Air Credits were on tour together, and by the time the tour was over, all four artists now found themselves collaborating on a new album as a group, first in Chicago, and then Minneapolis.

Quickly, Quickly - Over Skies

Ta-ku started a project called 823 earlier this year through German label Jakarta Records, with the idea that amongst other things that it would serve as an imprint in which he could shine a light on some emerging artists. The first release came via an Australian musician named Kuzich, but now we travel all the way to Portland, Oregon, for a producer who goes by the name Quickly, Quickly. Ideally, I think you should probably listen to Over Skies once without any background knowledge, and just let the music in for a second.

The Perceptionists - Low Resolution: The Paten Locke Remixes

Way back in the early ‘00s, there was a supergroup from Boston by the name of The Perceptionists, who released one album, Black Dialogue, in 2005. It was shortly followed by a live album and a remix album by Willie Evans Jr., but then DJ Fakts left the group, and life threw Mr. Lif and Akrobatiks some pretty nasty curveballs, and it wasn’t clear that we’d ever get another Perceptionists album.

Homage CVG - Hacienda

Homage CVG is a producer from Cincinnati who is part of the Fort Ancient crew. He’s been busy releasing some collective projects and singles, but his last proper solo project came out a little over a year ago when he dropped By Jove!: A Planetary Beat Expedition. Now he’s come back with a new project, a full-length album called Hacienda. Hacienda is a western-themed project, but if you focus too much on the theme, you might become just a little disappointed.

729 - Greetings IV: Assigned This Mission

729 is the pairing of Birmingham artists Ozu and Erthling, with Ozu on the mic and Erthling handling production duties. They made their debut back in April with an EP simply titled Greetings. Since that time, they’ve continued to pump out their music at a steady pace, four songs at a time. We are now onto the fourth EP in their series, Greetings IV: Assigned This Mission. One of the interesting things about 729 is the way in which they walk the line with their music, implying a sort of superhero/sci-fi angle to the storytelling and production, while never making things explicit.

Miss Eaves - MEAF

Miss Eaves is a Brooklyn-based emcee who made a splash last year with her album Feminasty, especially when the video for her single, “Thunder Thighs,” went viral. Now, one year later, Miss Eaves has come back with new EP called MEAF. For several years now, Miss Eaves has been working alongside producer KEISHH, and the two women have continued their partnership onto this EP. What that means in practical terms is that everything that you liked about Feminasty is back on MEAF.