SassyBlack has been going strong as a solo artist for about the past five years, since THEESatisfaction went their separate ways. She’s kept herself especially busy in 2020, with an EP, a beat tape, and a single already under her belt. Now she’s back with a new EP, STUCK.

STUCK is only four songs long, but SassyBlack is putting in work to make these four of her strongest songs to date. The EP opens with “Karen Don’t Care,” a song that needles that certain type of white woman (they know who they voted for). It starts out feeling a little humorous, but as the songs continues, the reality starts to get a little ugly, but SassyBlack chooses to double down and laugh and not give them the satisfaction. This is the only topical song, as she gets deeply personal and therapeutic over the next three tracks, the kind of songs she’s become known for in her short solo career, where you can really meditate on the music and the message. SassyBlack is also producing everything herself, and she’s giving you some of her best beats to date, really getting comfortable with adding more and varied rhythmic interplay without losing the overall feeling of her music, which tends towards these modal hip hop/dance grooves. The whole thing is short and sweet, but she’s getting a lot done in that time. It’s music that’s best listened to on headphones, where you can really get intimate with the music and listen to it a few times through and really let all of the ideas and emotions just really sink in and sit with you for a minute.

SassyBlack keeps creating and growing, and STUCK is no exception. She’s managed to show some growth without losing her artistic voice, just building on top of what was already a very solid foundation.