Funkmammoth is a producer based in Lincoln, Nebraska, previously based in Ames, Iowa. His last release, Retirement Resort, came out last July, a fun escapist collection of instrumental hip hop to take your mind off of the quarantine. Now he’s back with a straightforward EP, simply titled Thanks!

Sometimes you don’t need a project to be anything than what it is in its most basic terms. What I mean by that is that there is no secret formula to enjoying Thanks! There’s nothing you need to have read of listened to to understand the appeal of this project. This is an EP where Funkmammoth is just taking some vintage samples, many of the lounge variety, and chopping them up and making some dope hip hop beats that you can bob your head along to. It’s not anything you haven’t heard before, necessarily, but Funkmammoth does it really well, and he makes it really enjoyable to listen to. The beats slap, and he manages to go right up to the edge of novelty with the samples, but then pull back just a little, keeping the hip hop bumping. So don’t overthink things, just put on Thanks! And have a good time for six tracks, and then say thank you to Funkmammoth for this little funky escape from the world.

Thanks! isn’t a complicated project, but it delivers where it counts. Funkmammoth continues to build upon his skillset, taking these vintage samples and chopping them up and flipping them into some dope instrumental beats that sound great pumping through your speakers.