Strong Arm Steady have been around the L.A. scene for a while, and are mostly known for their association with X-Zibit. Frankly, after listening to this album, all I can help think is that they are very lucky they have successful and talented friends.

The entire album is produced by Madlib, who has one of the strongest track records in hip hop, and doesn’t disappoint here. The beats are interesting, soulful, laid back and sound great pounding through your car speakers. With Phonte, Planet Asia, Fashawn, Talib Kweli, Evidence, Oh No, and others dropping in to spit verses, Strong Arm Steady easily get eclipsed by the surrounding talent.

To put it simply, Strong Arm Steady are a trio of mediocre emcees who are not the least bit creative in their rhymes, and if wasn’t for the production and guest spots, this album wouldn’t be worth your time. I had a chance to catch them during SXSW, and they were a mess onstage. I wouldn’t have stayed had it not been for the promise of Jean Grae and Talib Kweli on the bill (who both absolutely killed it and made it worth the wait).

My real question to the rest of the hip hop community is, why are we continuing to support these guys? Hackneyed rhymes about women and weed from weak emcees who can’t hold a crowd or release an interesting album are not worth the effort.