You ask any Texan what their favorite grocery store is, you won’t just get a simple one-word answer. You’ll get someone gushing about how great H-E-B is. There’s a reason for that, too, from the locally sourced produce that passes along the savings to you, to an excellent selection of house-made products, such as freshly made tortillas. And then there’s the fact that they are more disaster-ready than all of our government agencies. That said, it comes as no surprise that an Austin-based producer, Flobama, would make a beat tape devoted to the grocery store, H-E-Beats.

Flobama has been making awesomely weird beats for years now, with recent releases like Warp Mode and Charcuterie EP helping to cement that status. On H-E-Beats, we get plenty of beautiful downtempo beats, developed really well, and always full of unexpected twists and turns along the way. This could be some interesting sample flips, some found sounds that liven up a track, or an interesting inversion of the rhythm of the track. Flobama is a very musical producer, and his beats are always beautiful and pleasant to listen to, but they are also always filled with these subtleties that reward the more attentive listeners. On top of all this happening, you get the fun framing story of H-E-B, the best grocery store in the country, with clips of old commercials and interviews of people explaining what they love about the store. It might sound humorous at first, but only if you’ve never spent time at the H-E-B and done your grocery shopping there. It makes for a truly fun and trippy listening experience to imagine all of these beats playing while you make your way up and down the aisles.

Publix ain’t shit, and their produce is garbage and overpriced compared to H-E-B. And I miss that H-E-B mustard potato salad. Oh, and Flobama is a great producer, and he’s delivered the goods once again with H-E-Beats.