Serengeti had a busy 2020, with multiple releases including two stellar albums, AJAI and With Greg From Deerhoof. As we work our way through 2021, Serengeti has been going back into the vault, releasing what a day, some of his very first recordings, in February. Now he’s back with another lost session, this time from around 2010, Jeremy C.

The Jeremy C in question is Jeremy Cox, musician/producer from Chicago who has released a lot of solo material and worked on projects with Arthur Friedhoff and Craig Bravo Miller. For this project, Cox is channeling a style of music that feels somewhere inbetween Serengeti’s work with Sisyphus and his work with Sickerman. This is to say that there is a strong indie rock undercurrent to the project, but Cox manages to keep things pretty funky across the EP. Now, the recording quality feels more like a demo than a finished project, but the good news here is that Serengeti is going so hard on his storytelling that you’ll become so enraptured by all the characters and plot that you won’t mind the sound quality all that much. Over the course of these seven tracks, Serengeti is once again demonstrating why he is so revered in the indie hip hop world as an emcee, just packing so much information and emotion into these short stories he puts into verse form that you find yourself completely enveloped into this fictional world and caring about what happens to these characters.

Jeremy C would be a place holder release for a lot of artists, but when it comes to Serengeti, it turns out that the demos sitting in his vault are better than most artists fully produced albums. When you put that much time and effort into your craft, even unfinished projects can have a deep emotional impact on listeners.