DJ Shadow has been around and produced so many albums and tracks, it can be easy to forget how great of an actual deejay he is. While I felt that his official live album Live! In Tune and on Time felt really flat and uninteresting, this album is quite the opposite.

Maybe it’s because this wasn’t planned for wide release, so no one felt the need to package the album in any way, and as a result, Shadow just gets to do his thing. His transitions are seamless, and his scratching is effective but not too flashy. Classic and obscure songs all get blended into one continuous mix.

There are parts that I like better than others, but that’s bound to happen with any live DJ set. I think my personal favorite is the mash-up that occurs with the Zombie’s “Time of the Season,” and Chuck Brown’s “Bustin’ Loose,” but everyone’s going to have their own favorite moment.

Really what makes this album great is that it really captures the live feeling of going to see top-tier DJs do their thing. The transitions and mixes are good, but there is a sense of spontaneity and energy that gives the album an edge. For lovers of DJ culture, or those that just enjoy a good mix of funky music.