Blossom is a producer from Poland who has previously put out music on such labels as DLoaw & Co., Project Mooncircle, and Dusted Wax Kingdom, just to name a few. His last release came two years ago, when he dropped the album Where Are You Hiding? Now he’s come back with a new EP that sees him teaming up with a guitar player, also from Poland, who performs under the name Wookie. Together, they give us an EP called Figures.

Blossom is a talented producer, one who often works in a style heavily influenced by trip hop. That is to say that there are lots of great laidback grooves and sophisticated drum work with his beats. When you add Wookie to the equation, who brings a lot of jazz, funk, and blues to the proceedings, you end up with a project that is reminiscent of Tommy Guerrero. Since Guerrero is one of my all-time favorite musicians (start with Soul Food Taqueria if you haven’t listened to him before), I mean this as the highest compliment. What this means in practical terms is that you have four fantastic tracks of jazzy soul-funk, with killer guitar work from Wookie, and Blossom filling out the rhythm section. They have great chemistry together, and a great feel for a groove. It’s the type of EP that you can put on and just lose yourself in the groove, only to realize that you just spaced out for about twenty minutes. On top of all this, the EP ends with M2R1’s remix of “Where’s My Soul,” which takes this Southern blues-rock song, and then pushes it very cleverly into some European house, creating a mixture of styles you didn’t know you wanted, but will absolutely enjoy when you hear it.

Blossom and Wookie have great chemistry together, and they’ve made a strong opening statement with their first EP as a duo. Hopefully, they’ll continue to work together, because it feels like they are just scratching the surface of their potential.