Blossom is a vocalist from Portland who has been releasing music for the last four or five years. Most recently, she teamed up with producer Hot 16 to release an LP called Tease in 2017. Now she comes back with another full-length album, Maybe.

For this project, Blossom works with producer Neill Von Tally, who is able to create some beautiful and subtle downtempo beats that compliment Blossom’s voice very well. Blossom doesn’t have a big voice, but she has a compelling and intimate voice that will draw you in to listen closer as she writes and sings some very personal lyrics. Together with Von Tally, Blossom is able to craft some pop/hip hop/R&&B that is very accessible and will stick in your head, but will also challenge you as a listener in some understated ways over the course of the album, whether it be some unexpected production techniques, or some blunt lyricism meant to get your attention. Overall, this is some bedroom music, and by that I mean both that it has the capacity to be really sexy, but Blossom can also craft some music that is meant to be listened to alone in your bedroom, so you can work through some heartbreak, or maybe contemplate what you want to do with your life. It’s an incredibly mature album, and it really shows Blossom coming into her own as an artist who is really carving out her own unique space as a musician. The whole album flows together incredibly well, to the point where I often find myself getting lost in the music and losing track of what time it is, only to be surprised that I’ve reached the end.

Blossom has quietly been putting together really strong discography, and Maybe is another solid entry in her catalogue. It’s mature, it’s thoughtful, and she’s really able to connect to her listeners on a deep emotional level.