theSportingLife - A Proper Racket

theSportingLife is a new duo from Birmingham/Huntsville artists Black Plastique and Jovani Occomy. Black Plastique has been part of the Birmingham hip hop scene for a few years, and on top of his solo career, he’s been a respected producer that has gotten placements on other artists’ albums, such as Mel.Crozby. Now he’s turning his production skills in a slightly different direction as he’s paired up with a young singer-songwriter from Huntsville name Jovani Occomy to create a new sound together with their debut EP as theSportingLife, A Proper Racket.

Frankie Reyes - Originalitos

Over the years, Los Angeles artist Frankie Reyes has released a variety of music under different names, such as Gifted & Blessed, The Abstract Eye, and as one-half of the duo Steoples. Several years ago, Reyes met Peanut Butter Wolf at an event celebrating Latin American modernism, and as they got to talking Reyes pitched the idea of re-interpreting Latin standards on his Oberheim synthesizer, which eventually became his debut album for Stones Throw, Boleros Valses y Mas, which came out in 2016.

Nosaj Thing - No Mind

Nosaj Thing is a producer from Los Angeles that has been putting out music since the mid ‘00s. Over the years, he’s produced for everyone from Chance the Rapper to Onry Ozzborn, as well as putting out his own instrumental albums. His last release came in 2017, when he released the album Parallels. Now he’s back with a short EP, No Mind. For No Mind, the idea behind this project was to create music that emphasized the power of mindfulness and presence through a mix of ambient and trip hop.

Munir - Circuit Line EP

Munir might not be a name that is well known in the U.S., but he’s been making noise in the international scene over the last five years, both under this name and the act Midnight Runners. The Indonesian producer has been doing really exciting things in the worlds of New Age, disco, funk, and house in this time. Just this past January, he released his debut full-length album, Eastern Sun, on the Chicago label Star Creatures.

LAPIS - Third Person You

Portland, Oregon label Fresh Selects has brought us a lot of interesting music since their launch in 2013, with releases from everyone like Umii to Charlotte Dos Santos to Low Leaf to Sir to Iman Omari to Mndsgn., just to name a few. While a lot of their releases have been from artists from Portland or the West Coast in general, they occasionally do look beyond this geographic region. For their most recent release, they’ve looked all the way across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand to give us the debut album from LAPIS, Third Person You.

Televangel - The Cosmic Waters

Televangel is a producer from Oakland who used to work as part of the production duo Blue Sky Black Death, but has been forging a solo career for about the last four or five years. His last full-length album came in 2018, when he dropped Anthropocene Blues on Fake Four. Now he’s back with a new album as part of Ian Urbina’s Outlaw Ocean project, The Cosmic Waters. In 2019, reporter Ian Urbina released a book that was the culmination of years of research called The Outlaw Ocean, which chronicles all the ways in which we as a planet don’t govern the oceans, which constitute about two-thirds of the planet.

Small Professor - A Jawn Supreme (Vol. 3)

Small Professor is a producer from Philly who has been releasing music for over a decade. He’s collaborated with everyone from Curly Castro to Guilty Simpson, and he’s been part of groups like Them That Do. Over the years, he’s also been releasing quality instrumental projects at a steady pace, most notably his different “Jawn” collections. Starting in June, though, he took a step back and gave us a collection of some of his favorite material with A Jawn Supreme (Vol.


G Yamazawa is an emcee and poet born and raised in Durham, but he relocated to Los Angeles a couple of years ago. While he’s been at this for years, he caught some notice about three years ago, when his song “North Cack” spread as a hip hop anthem for his home state. Now that he’s on the West Coast, though, he’s joined up with the Beatrock family, and now he’s making his debut for the label with an EP called THINKPEACE.

The 7 Day Weekend - The 7 Day Weekend

Alan Evans is a musician who is best known as one of the founding members of Soulive. He has had a lot of projects over the years, including his own Alan Evans Trio. Most recently, he teamed up with keyboardist Kris Yunker to form a duo called The 7 Day Weekend, who now give us their first self-titled album. For the project, it’s simply Evans on drums and Yunker on keyboards, as they approach music with the idea of recreating the feeling of ‘60s and ‘70s cinematic scores.

J'Von - Thunderboy

J’Von is an artist from Seattle that has been putting out music since the mid-2010s. Over the years, he’s collaborated with people like Ackryte, Lakim, and Lido. Most recently, he released an EP in 2018 called orange suit. Now he’s back with a full-length solo album, Thunderboy. Thunderboy is a true solo album, in that outside of one track that is co-produced by grady, J’Von is handling all the production, all the rhymes, and even providing the artwork.