billy woods x Messiah Musik - Church

billy woods has always worked at a pretty prolific pace, whether it be as a solo artist, alongside ELUCID as part of the group Armand Hammer, or teaming up for one-off collaborations like he did with Moor Mother. That said, he already dropped one excellent solo full-length album earlier this year, Aethiopes, which was produced by Preservation. Which meant that most of us weren’t expecting another full-length from him. woods continues to surprise, though, as he now comes back with yet another album, this time produced by Messiah Musik, Church.

Claud Six - Just in Case We Make It

Portland, Oregon artist Claud Six has certainly kept himself busy over the years, working not only as a solo artist, but also as part of groups like Jellyfish Brigade, Shut-ins and the Colony, Hives Inquiry Squad, BCxLD, and R4PC4MP. Earlier this year, Six dropped a project called In Case We Shouldn’t Make It, an album inspired by the feelings of anxiety and doom brought on by the last two years. Now he returns with the companion album, Just in Case We Make It.

Andy Cooper - Kid Hop

Andy Cooper is known to hip hop heads of a certain age as one third of the Long Beach group Ugly Duckling. After releasing their last album, Moving At Breakneck Speed, in 2011, we didn’t hear from anyone for until a few years later, when Cooper emerged as a solo artist. Since then, he’s kept pretty busy, with four full-length albums and a mess of singles and features to his name.

BLKrKRT - Black Rock & Roll IV

BLKrKRT is a producer from Fort Worth who has been releasing music for about ten years, collaborating with artists like Tornup along the way. He is an artist who always has at least a few projects going, or at least has some interesting music in the vault. In November of last year, he gave us a collection of unreleased loops, breaks, and chops called Black Rock & Roll, which was all material that was recorded back in 2014.

Gel Roc & DJ JahBluez - Poetry of War

Gel Roc is an L.A. emcee who is part of the Project Blowed scene and has been putting out music since the mid-2000s. As well as working as a solo artist, he’s recently been collaborating with AWOL ONE as the group The Cloaks, who released an album, A Cloakwork Orange, earlier this year. Now he’s back an album done in collaboration with DJ JahBluez, Poetry of War. With a title like Poetry of War, you might expect a hard hitting political album, but the truth is that this isn’t an overtly political album.

John Klaess - Breaks in the Air: The Birth of Rap Radio in New York City

John Klaess is an independent scholar based in Boston. His first book is now out on Duke University Press, Breaks in the Air: The Birth of Rap Radio in New York City. One of my favorite types of hip hop books are those that find a unique angle that hasn’t been explored in full before. As soon as I saw that someone had written a book on the history of rap radio in New York, I had to stop and think before I realized that this was a subject matter that usually only got mentioned here and there when others were telling the history of hip hop, usually just when a major event happened.

Isatta Sheriff & Koralle - Eat the Kiwi Skin

Isatta Sheriff is an emcee from London who actually released her first single back in 2006, but her career didn’t really take off until the release of her self-titled album in 2016. Most recently, we got an EP last year called A Kind of Biography. Now she has teamed up with producer Koralle to release a new EP, Eat the Kiwi Skin. Koralle is a producer from Bologna who has been releasing music since 2019, mostly on Melting Pot.

Emancipator & Lapa 11th Orbit

Emancipator is a producer from Portland, Oregon who has been releasing music since the mid-2000s. We last heard from him when he dropped a collaborative EP with Austin guitarist/producer Cloudchord last year, Citrus Fever Dream. Now he’s back with a full-length album, this time done in collaboration with Portland producer/violinist Lapa, 11th Orbit. Lapa has been playing with Emancipator for over ten years as part of his live ensemble, so the two have a long established chemistry.

Scone Cash Players - Brooklyn to Brooklin

Adam Scone is an organist originally from Youngstown, but now based in Miami. He got his start in the late ‘90s, and over the years has played in groups like Sugarman 3 and JJ Grey & Mofo. In 2008, he debuted his small combo known as Scone Cash Players, releasing the album The Mind Blower, putting the Hammond organ in the forefront of the project. After that initial release, Scone once again got caught up with various other projects, but Scone Cash Players made a return in 2018 with Blast Furnace and turned right back around with As the Screw Turns in 2019.

Sam Redmore - Universal Vibrations

Sam Redmore is a deejay/producer from Birmingham, UK who has been making a name for himself over the last few years with his remixes, putting his spin on artists like Amp Fiddler, Renegade Brass Band, and DJ Vadim, just to name a few. Starting in the fall of last year, he started to tease us with a few singles, hinting at something bigger on the horizon. Now his debut album is finally here courtesy of Jalapeno Records, Universal Vibrations.