G.I. Magus - Bare

Emcee G.I. Magus has been a staple of the Birmingham hip hop scene for over a decade now. We last heard from him a little over a year ago, when he dropped his EP, Non-Monolithic (unmastered). Now he’s back with a unique project, Bare. The concept for Bare is an interesting one, in that each song on the album is built from a sample of the same song, Kirk Franklin’s “More Than I Can Bear.

Lipphead - In The Nude

Eilot Lipp and Blockhead are both veteran producers who have over forty years of experience between the two of them, with releases on Ninja Tune, Mush, Eastern Development, Man Bites Dog, Backwoodz Studioz, and many more. They first came together as Lipphead in 2019, when they released a self-titled 7”. They followed this up with a remix 7”, but it was hard to tell if this was just going to be a one-off or if it was going to grow into something more.

SB the Moor - In Babylon!

SB The Moor is an artist from California who is part of the Ruby Yacht crew, as well as having several releases on Deathbomb Arc over the years. We most recently heard from them this past December, when they teamed up with Progeny to release an EP called Sleeping in Seattle as part of Fake Four’s Freecember series of releases. Now they are back with a brand new full-length album, In Babylon!

Elaquent - Long Drives to Nowhere

Elaquent is a producer from Guelph, Ontario, who has been putting out music for about the last fifteen years. In that time he’s worked with labels like URBNET, HW&W, Still Muzik, Cream Dream, Fat Beats, and Mello Music Group. Most recently, we’ve gotten a series of EPs from Elaquent called Bedtime Stories, in which he used music as a way to cope with stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Now we get a full-length album that serves as the companion piece, Long Drives to Nowhere.

Liquid Saloon - Took a Second

Liquid Saloon is a group from Tel Aviv, featuring Amir Bresler, Sefi Zisling and Nomok. The three musicians have incredible jazz chops and have played in groups like Apifera, Funk’N’Stein, and L.B.T. They came together to release their debut self-titled album in 2019. After working through an intense live touring experience that saw collaborators come and go, and then the pandemic, the core trio have now reemerged with a brand new album, Took a Second.

Kaidi Tatham - Galaxy

Kaidi Tatham is a producer/multi-instrumentalist based in Belfast who has been making music for years, first making his name with groups like Bugz in the Attic and The Herbaliser, but he’s been doing the solo thing for a while now. Last year was a busy year for him, as he released an LP, An Insight to All Minds, and a 7”, 7 Inch Nails. Now he’s back with a new EP, Galaxy.

GrandAce - Orbit City EP

GrandAce is an artist from Cincinnati who has been releasing music since the mid-2010s. He’s been busy in 2022, with two EPs already under his belt. Skydeck Suite Collection is his most recent, coming just this past May. Now he’s already back for round three, releasing Orbit City EP. Orbit City was released with the simple explanation from GrandAce, “A vision of the future and the sonics that occupy it. Orbit City is a balancing act between the familiarity and discomfort as one finds a way to exist in the present.

Guohan - City of the Sun and Moon

Guohan is a producer originally from Ningbo, China, but now based in Nottingham, UK. He released his debut album, Lost Sound Book, on Running Circle in February of 2021. Not wasting any time, he’s now back with a new EP on Darker Than Wax, City of the Sun and Moon. For this project, Guohan is drawing upon stories of people, places, villages and tales from his grandparents, reflecting on his heritage and what these past generations built.

yaya bey - Remember Your North Star

Brooklyn artist yaya bey has been around for several years, but after some changes in her personal life, she relaunched her music career in 2020 with the release of Madison Tapes. Shortly thereafter, she signed with Big Dada, who released her 2021 EP, The Things I Can’t Take With Me. Now, she’s ready to level up with the release of her full-length album, Remember Your North Star. The idea behind Remember Your North Star was to explore the ways in which Black women deal with generational pain and trauma and abusive relationships in their current life, yet still strive for self-love and love from their community.

ELUCID - I Told Bessie

ELUCID is an artist from New York who has been going strong for about fifteen years. In that time, he’s been part of groups like Armand Hammer with billy woods, Small Bills with The Lasso, Nostrum Grocers with milo, and Cult Favorite with A.M. Breakups. While ELUCID has been busy with these collaborative projects in recent years, such as 2021’s brilliant Armand Hammer & The Alchemist album, Haram, it’s been three years since his last solo project, 2019’s Every Egg I Cracked Today Was Double Yolked.