Walz - Oof Things Past

Walz is a producer originally from Rhode Island, but currently residing in Dallas. He’s only been putting out music for a couple of years, but he’s made some big strides in that short amount of time. After pushing himself really hard in one direction over the last two years, Walz decided to take a step back and do something different – namely, producing the type of jazz album he might have sampled from.

Blossom - Maybe

Blossom is a vocalist from Portland who has been releasing music for the last four or five years. Most recently, she teamed up with producer Hot 16 to release an LP called Tease in 2017. Now she comes back with another full-length album, Maybe. For this project, Blossom works with producer Neill Von Tally, who is able to create some beautiful and subtle downtempo beats that compliment Blossom’s voice very well.

Freddie Joachim - Beyond the Sea of Trees

Freddie Joachim is a SoCal deejay and producer who has been releasing music since 2008, along with co-running the Mellow Orange label. The last time we heard from him was back in 2017, when he released the beat tape Drifting. Now he’s come back with a more ambitious project on Jakarta Records, Beyond the Sea of Trees. For Beyond the Sea of Trees, Freddie Joachim lays down some of the smoothest, mellow jazz and downtempo hip hop you will hear all year.

Terri Walker - Joe Buhdha presents Breakout

Terri Walker is a vocalist from London who has been releasing music for over fifteen years now. Her last release came back in 2015, when she released her album, Entitled. Now she teams up with an old collaborator, Joe Buhdha, to release a new EP, Breakout. Breakout is sweet and to the point as an EP, in the way that only two veterans like Walker and Buhdha can put it together.

Cicada Shells - Laura Dern EP

While much of the Midwest has been putting their own stamp on hip hop for years, one city that hasn’t gotten much attention at all is Indianapolis. One duo that has been putting in the work over the course of this decade, though, is Cicada Shells. Comprised of emcee Lorax and producer Defame, they’ve been releasing music since the beginning of the decade, with their most recent album, Forest Noise, coming out in 2017.

Lady Midnight - Death Before Mourning

One of my favorite things about the Twin Cities hip hop scene is how people put on for one another. This is all to say that long before I heard any of her music, I knew Lady Midnight must be good because so many people involved with the scene had begun singing her praises. Then she started performing as one half of the duo Parables of Neptune alongside Afrokeys. She was then named best vocalist by City Pages in 2017.

Nobody - All Too Familiar

Nobody is a producer from Los Angeles that has been making music for almost two decades. Over the course of his career, he’s released some absolutely classic albums, including one of my all-time personal favorites, Pacific Drift. Throughout the course of his career, he’s created his own path by blending all sorts of music and influences into his own gorgeous soundscape. His last project came out three years ago, when he dropped his EP, Prodigal Son.

Onewerd - Timeless

Onewerd is a Bay Area emcee and producer who has been releasing music for over a decade. Most recently, he dropped his album, Alive, as part of Fake Four’s Freecember series in December of 2017. Now he comes back with one of his most ambitious full-length albums to date, Timeless. Onewerd has carved out a unique path for himself over the years by combining lyrical skills that were influenced by the likes of Living Legends and Heiroglyphics, and then combining them with an EDM-hyphy-boom bap style of production that really stood out from the pack.

Third Root - Trill Pedagogy: Spring Semester

San Antonio group Third Root has been making music for years, but they started their most current project, Trill Pedagogy, back in July of last year. Since that time, they’ve released a new EP for each semester. So now, after Summer, Fall, and Winter, we finally bring the project to a close with Spring Semester. As with the previous installments of the project, Third Root once again works with producer Adrian Quesada, but this time they also enlist some extra help from nu-cumbia artist El Dusty, who helps bring that Tex-Mex flavor to their hip hop.

melodiesinfonie - A Journey To You

melodiesinfonie is producer from Switzerland, who in his early years contributed to labels like Soulection and Melting Pot music, while also touring extensively across Europe and beyond. Now he comes on to Jakarta Records to release his full length album, A Journey To You. One of the things that hit me as I listened to A Journey To You is just how “live” the album sounds. As melodiesinfonie was coming up, he definitely fit the profile of “beatmaker.