Longshot & Ang13 - Army of 2

Before being based in Minneapolis, emcee Longshot called Chicago home. This is where he made some important musical connections early in his career, such as his longtime friend and collaborator, Psalm One. Another important friendship was with that of Ang13, who he recently connected with to create a new project, Army of 2. The great thing about an album like Army of 2 is that when you have two veteran emcees with established chemistry like these two, you don’t need to do much to make it a really enjoyable listening experience.

Nikitch & Kuna Maze - Débuts

It feels a little odd to call this album Débuts, but the French duo of Nikitch and Kuna Maze have been so prolific as a duo and as solo artists, it just feels like they’ve been together for a much longer time period. However, they only made their debut as a duo in 2018 with the EP, Cake, on Cascade Records. There have been a few solo releases since then, and one more EP as a duo when they hopped over to Tru Thoughts in 2019, Mush.

Five Steez & Mordecai - HeatRockz2.0

Five Steez is an emcee from Kingston who has been releasing music since the early 2010s. Four years ago, he paired up with producer Mordecai to release an EP called HeatRockz. It was a short project with some hard beats with no particular theme, just some good old-fashioned hip hop. They gave us a full-length album in 2019, Love N Art, but now it’s time to get back to the basics with HeatRockz 2.

Big $ilky -Big $ilky Vol. 2

It’s technically only been three months since Psalm One and Angel Davanport officially said goodbye to the name Rapperchicks and reinvented themselves as the duo Big $ilky, releasing their first EP, Big $ilky Vol. 1. A lot has happened in between now and then, from the protests stemming from the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis PD, to a string of women coming forward to accuse a number of men in the Twin Cities hip hop scene of sexual assault, physical battery, emotional abuse, and more.

SkyBlew x SublimeCloud - Destined: The Realization

Back in 2016, Chapel Hill emcee SkyBlew teamed up with Raleigh producer SublimeCloud to make a project called Destined: The Rebirth. Just a year later, they returned for round two with Destined: The [R]Evolution. With a lot of different projects in between now and then, the two have finally come back together to make this a trilogy by releasing Destined: The Realization. If The Rebirth was about refocusing and pushing to make a music career happen, and The [R]Evolution was about artistic growth and taking that next step forward, The Realization is something of a celebration that a lot has been accomplished in these past four years.

Small Professor - A Jawn Supreme (Vol. 1)

Small Professor is a producer from Philly who has been releasing music for over a decade. He’s collaborated with everyone from Curly Castro to Guilty Simpson, and he’s been part of groups like Them That Do. Over the years, he’s also been releasing quality instrumental projects at a steady pace, most notably his different “Jawn” collections, releasing almost one a month in 2020. His latest effort, though, A Jawn Supreme (Vol.

Kemba - The World Is Watching

Kemba has been one of the most thoughtful and exciting voices in hip hop since he emerged in the early 2010s, first performing as YC the Cynic before changing his name to Kemba and releasing brilliant albums like GNK and Negus. Like most artists, but especially as a Black man working in hip hop, he couldn’t help but be moved by the current rise of protests across the nation. He now presents a new EP based on these events, The World is Watching.

A Statement Regarding the Twin Cities Hip Hop Scene

Like many of you, I have been following the news coming out of the Minneapolis hip hop scene over the last several days, where multiple artists have been accused of inexcusable behavior ranging from sexual and physical assault to emotional abuse and beyond. I’ve avoided making a statement until now because as a heterosexual white man and as someone who has never lived in Minneapolis, I didn’t want to drown out anyone’s voice that had their boots on the ground in the Twin Cites that might have better perspective then myself.

J.Lamotta - Brand New Choice

J.Lamotta is an artist who is truly international, born in Tel Aviv to Moroccan parents and now living in Berlin. She has been putting out music for the last five years, making her debut on the Jakarta label in 2017 as part of their “dubplate” series with the album Conscious Tree. More recently, in 2019, she released her second album for Jakarta, Suzume, which saw her going in a more retro style, working with live strings and a horn section.

Ego Ella May - Honey for Wounds

Ego Ella May is an artist from London that has been putting out music since the early to mid-2010s. Since that time, we’ve gotten a handful of singles and EPs from her, along with some guest appearances on projects from everyone from IAMNOBODI to Joe Armon-Jones. In anticipation of her first full-length album, May released the compilation So Far last September to catch people up with what she’s been working on over the years to build up to this moment.